E5: “Angel” podcast: Zach Coelius, founder-turned-angel & Syndicate leader with a $1b exit after only 2yrs investing, shares insights on advising, hustling, deal flow, & the thrill of first market validation





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about this episode

In today’s episode of “Angel,” Jason welcomes Syndicate leader Zach Coelius, Triggit founder who, only after 2yrs as an angel, has already enjoyed a $1b exit (Cruise, bought by GM). Zach shares his insights as a founder-turned-investor, including finding deals & deal-breakers, hustling & other techniques to be a better investor, advising your way onto the cap table, what stage of product development is the most exciting, the skinny on AngelList funds, his (tremendous) hits & (very few) misses, and, from personal experience, the great respect & empathy he has for entrepreneurs (“startups are like rocket ships into the walls of your incompetence”). Thank you Audible for sponsoring this podcast.

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  • ak

    Good one. favorite conversation points @ 20:00 and question about advice
    for people on how to get into angel investing/investing.