E929: Scaling Your Startup, “Business Model & Turning on Revenue”: Charging customers, revenue streams, unit economics, considering competitors, key metrics & more to build your business, with Jason Calacanis & LAUNCH Managing Directors Jason Demant & Jacqui Deegan — E3 of 10-ep miniseries



about this episode

Episode Three: “Business Model & Turning on Revenue,” Jason & LAUNCH Managing Directors Jason Demant & Jacqui Deegan break down what & how to charge your customers, optimal revenue streams, important unit economics, how to consider competitors, key metrics & more as you build up your business.

Show notes:

0:33 – Jason introduces LAUNCH Managing Directors, Jason Demant and Jacqui Deegan.


3:42 – Start with a business model.


12:00 – Jason thanks sponsor Eight Sleep. Get the sleep you deserve and supercharge your health & productivity at eightsleep.com/twist.


13:59 – Start with a business model cont: testing out subscription vs. advertising channels.


19:20 – How to charge: B2B and B2C options, and increasing price over time.


37:22 – Jason thanks sponsor Zendesk. To see if you qualify for a year of Zendesk’s products for free, visit zendesk.com/twist.


39:05 – When to charge: turning on revenue, and how much to charge.


49:18 – Revenue streams: how many, and exceptions.


55:57 – Unit economics: financial model, and margin expansion.

1:15:56 – Key metrics: setting up, and tracking and refining.

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