Emergency Pod! Jason Calacanis reacts to Big Tech hearings: Grades for Bezos, Cook, Pichai & Zuckerberg

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0:00 Jason on Jeff Bezos winning the day
0:37 Bezos’ opening statement
5:34 Jason reacts to Bezos’ opening statement
6:20 Bezos answers questions from Rep. Jayapal on Amazon exploiting third-party seller data to create competitive products
9:11 Jason reacts to Rep. Jayapal’s questions for Bezos, gives insights on how Bezos could have handled the questions better
12:43 Mark Zuckerberg answers questions from Rep. Nadler on if Facebook violated antitrust laws during the Instagram acquisiton
14:32 Jason reacts to Rep. Nadler’s questions for Zuckerberg, Facebook stealing from Path, if Instagram could be spun out
17:28 Mark Zuckerberg answers questions from Rep. Jayapal regarding if he threatened Kevin Systrom or Evan Spiegel while approaching them to buy Instagram & Snapchat
20:55 Jason reacts to Zuckerberg’s response and tees up the bipartisan beating by Rep. Matt Gaetz
27:11 Jason on Sundar Pichai’s performance
28:14 Sundar Pichai answers questions from Rep. Demings regarding Google changing their stance on harvesting user data due to increased market share
30:21 Jason reacts to Sundar’s response and shares thoughts on Google’s other shady dealings in the search result space and how Sundar should have responded
34:33 Tim Cook answers questions from Rep. Johnson regarding App Store power/leverage/clarity, Jason responds about Cook’s misleading answers
39:47 Jason on why Sen. Jordan reminded him of an angry dad at a little league game

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