Fridays’ Guest: Brad Feld of Foundry Group

Jason’s guest this week will be Brad Feld a MIT graduate that started his first company, Feld Technologies in 1987 at his fraternity and was later acquired by AmeriData.  He then went on to work for a couple venture capital firms and then co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and most recently he is a co-founder of Foundry Group.

In addition to his venture capital work, Brad serves on the board of many companies including widely popular; Zynga, Gist and Oblong to name a few.  Brad also believes in giving back and promoting the community by serving as Chairman of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and mentoring at TechStars where he is quoted as saying “While the seed funding is nice, the real value is the advice, mentoring, and connections provided by TechStars. When I started my first company – Feld Technologies – in 1987, I had a few mentors which I’ve written about in the past. However, the notion of having three months full of concentrated mentors, surrounded by 20+ other entrepreneurs starting up their own companies, in one of the best and fun cities on the planet, blows my mind.”

He also actively posts on AsktheVC and Feld, while researching his work I came across the 10 precepts that defined Feld Technologies which I found interesting and apply today.

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