Friday’s Guest: Stefan Weitz of Microsoft

This week’s guest will be Stefan Weitz, Director of Bing Search at Microsoft.  Stefan’s primary focus is to reach out to the community to promote and improve search.  Prior to search he worked on the MSN portal platform and helped Microsoft’s municipal WiFi strategies.

Bing has recently made great strides by gaining market share in the search market.  One of the highlights of Bing is the map experience:

  • Destination Maps: You can now create your own customized map such a special invitations or event announcements. You can even select multiple map styles such as Sketchy, European, American or Treasure to give it a different look and feel.
  • Local Events: You can search for what’s happening around where you plan to be – for example, it will pop up the time and locations of nearby shows and community events.
  • Twee Maps: See real-time geo-based Tweets from users across the world.
  • Bing Map Challenge, where you can have a chance to win a $100 gift card.

They have also placed an emphasis on guided search (showing additional categories to help narrow results) and on semantic search (index and search by different facets) a nice example of a new feature is Bing Recipes.

This should prove to be an interesting conversation due to search being very important to Jason, don’t miss it.

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