E773: Future of ICOs, Cryptocurrency & VC with Brock Pierce (Blockchain Cap, Block.one) & Vinny Lingham (Civic) @ LAUNCH SCALE 2017




about this episode

Cryptocurrency & ICOs are the definitive talk of tech today. Two of the field’s greatest innovators, Brock Pierce (Blockchain Capital & Block.one) & Vinny Lingham (Civic) joined Jason at LAUNCH SCALE 2017 to discuss how we arrived at arguably the most disruptive moment since the internet began, how this new decentralized web & tokens actually work, and where we are headed. Bubbles, altcoins, predictions, bitcoin classic v. cash v. gold, the democratization of capital, the disappearance of VC, why Vinny turned to ICOs to raise $33m, how Brock’s EOS, at over $600m and rapidly climbing, is smashing every crypto record to date — and much more.  

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