E581: The Future of Transportation with Uber, Tesla & Delivery Hero: how they became global leaders, keeping the vision, challenges in the road ahead




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Today’s episode is an incredible two-parter from STHLM TECH FEST. First, a fascinating discussion on the “Future of Transportation” with three companies leading the charge. Jason and Tyler Crowley talk with Uber European General Manager Jo Bertram, Tesla Chief Product Officer Peter Carlsson, and Delivery Hero CEO and Co-founder Niklas Ostberg (online food-ordering service in 34 countries), and Kees Koolen, Founding Partner at EQT Ventures. Among many gems, we learn how leading up to Model S release Tesla was burning $100m per quarter, how the car industry thought they would only sell 3,000 vehicles over their lifecycle (and they now sell 1,200 per week…and are thinking about the future of autonomous cars….); how Uber has legalized ride-sharing in most US cities and is one of the safest transportation options in every city they operate in, but still has a fight ahead in Europe; how Delivery Hero has raised $1b and what their path to profitability looks like (scale!) and why they might start making and delivering its own food. Next up we get a visit from the Prince of Sweden Daniel Westling and hear two pitches in the transportation space from Shipwallet (no-click shipping) and Fidesmo (a connected card).

Show notes: http://goo.gl/bUAxsY

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  • Paul Towers

    I have been reading Ashley Vance’s book on Elon Musk (which I highly recommend by the way) so it was interesting to get further insight into this industry, especially from the likes of Tesla and Uber. One can definitely see that there is the potential for the convergence of both on-demand car services and autonomous vehicles (whether they be from Telsa, Google or Apple).

    On top of that you have the increase in on-demand delivery of foods and goods (another area where Uber is testing the waters) and Jo made the argument that you still require people, rather than just autonomous vehicles, for this. One would then have to ask when Amazon would step into the space. Imagine an autonomous truck that can drive to the suburbs (i.e. beyond the range of a drone) and then once it is in the street where multiple packages have to be dropped off instead of a person getting out of the truck a small fleet of drones take off and drop the item at your door step before returning to the truck and moving on to the next street!