GameStop poaches Amazon execs, Streaming stalls + Genies CEO Akash Nigam on Avatars & NFTs | E1233

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Show notes:
00:00 Intro
02:02 News: Tether Update
06:17 Gamestop poaches Amazon talent
11:19 Rippling – Hire new employees in 90 seconds at
12:35 Making meme dreams – retail venture capital
19:04 Streaming declines for the first time ever
23:31 Squarespace – Get a free trial and 10% off at
25:10 CEO Interview: Akash Nigam backstory
27:17 How Genies got into NFTs
29:54 Avatar-as-a-service
33:30 The Genies API & Marketplace
36:53 Linode – Create an account and receive a $100 credit at
38:15 The Genies roadmap – building affiliation
40:32 Celebrities monetizing their likeness
47:35 Genies business model – the marketplace
52:02 How to build a healthy economy
55:11 User-generated content
56:15 IP partner revenue share & opportunities
1:01:20 Possibilities for an Avatar future

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