Garry Tan on lessons from past startup failures, power of community funnels, Alexis Ohanian’s departure & more | Angel S5 E8



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Show notes:
1:08 Jason intros Garry Tan & they talk about Garry’s Posterous regrets & lessons from failure, going from seed-stage to growth-stage founder
8:33 Garry on life as an investor, Paul Graham’s original YC content/community funnel
11:04 LinkedIn Jobs – Post your first job free at
12:39 Garry’s YouTube experience, investing in Clubhouse & the social audio space & Jason’s Clubhouse beef
20:27 Twitter spaces coexisting with Clubhouse, Twitter’s recent product groove, Initialized’s investment in Clubhouse
28:05 Assure – Get 20% off your first SPV at
29:40 How accelerators get great value, Capital-as-a-Service, equity participation as newer generations’ north star
36:37 Sweet spot age for founders, ISAs & community-driven learning
39:13 Odoo – Get your first app free & $1000 off your first implementation pack at
40:44 VCs moving downstream & missing the early-stage orchard, potential new models to provide value, avoiding sharp elbows as a seed investor
48:58 Garry explains Alexis Ohanian leaving Initialized & their continued bond as friends
53:55 Unicorn patterns, understanding important consumer metrics

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