E126: Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia on This Week in Startups



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This week web celeb and good friend Gary Vaynerchuk stops by to discuss his new book “The Thank You Economy”, the future explosion of the web 2.0 bubble and why drinking a fine port wine can still be manly. F.Y.I. Gary’s got a potty mouth so you might want to tuck the kids in first before watching :)

1:00-2:00           Welcome to Special Guest Gary Vaynerchuk
2:00-3:00           How many PR people do you have
3:00-4:00           Gary’s new Book “The Thank You Economy”
5:00-7:00           Why Gary’s first book did so well
7:00-11:00          Gary Claims Social Media is Broken
11:00-12:00        How Awesome is Email!
13:00-14:00        Why Everyone will Hate Free Shipping in 3 years
14:00-17:00        How entertainment delivery is changing the way we watch TV
17:00-19:00        Groupon Vs Living Social / The Billboard Feud
19:00-21:00         How to hit Your Customers Soft Spot
21:00-22:00        Context Matters, Viewers and Customers matter
22:00-24:00        Why Giving people Head Nods and Props matter
24:00-25:00        The new Social Media Bubble
25:00-27:00        Innovation Matters
27:00-28:00        The Circle Jerk that is ROI
28:00-29:00        AD GO TO WEBINAR
29:00-30:00        Why Ads work
30:00-31:00         Everyone in the Wine world is a Douche
31:00-32:00         Useful video is the way of the future
32:00-33:00        Does Drinking Port Wine make Jason Less of a Man?
33:00-34:00        Gary V is pissed about the Knicks
34:00-37:00        Klout Scores and Mommy Bloggers
37:00-39:00        Bullshit Radars
40:00-41:00        Audience? How can Celebs w/ big Twitter accounts connect better with their audiences?
41:00-42:00        The Human Element and Web Companies
43:00-47:00        The Internet is only 17 years old like a teenager just past puberty
47:00-51:00         What would Gary V do if he had spare time?
51:00-52:00         Gary’s Tumblr Predictions
52:00-53:00        Apple is becoming Evil
53:00-56:00        What do Kevin Rose, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs have in common?
57:00-57:00         End of Interview


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Tyler: @steepdecline
Gary @garyvee
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