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Gil Elbaz and Nova Spivack of Common Crawl–a free and open index of over 5 billion Web pages–joined This Week in Startups to talk about web data access and democratization. Gil and Nova helped us tackle topics like search, social networking data and how ordinary users can make use of the crawl.

0:00-2:30 Today on TWiST, Gil Elbaz and Nova Spivack of Common Crawl are here to talk about web search and indexing.
2:30-4:30 How’s everything going over at Factual, Gil?
4:30-5:15 Nova, how are you doing? What are you up to?
5:15-6:00 So you come up with ideas and get funding for them, then move onto the next idea?
6:00-8:00 Thank you to Walker Corporate Law for sponsoring the program. Everyone thank @ScottEdWalker!
8:00-9:45 Let’s talk about Common Crawl–what you’re doing and why it’s important.
9:45-12:00 Why is this a big concern of Google and Yahoo?
12:00-14:00 How much of ThisWeekIn.com to you have stored there?
14:00-16:30 When you shed light on open systems and platforms, that makes them even better, yes?
16:30-19:00 What’s the future looking like for search companies, in terms of building a competitor?
19:00-21:30 Nova: Explain how partners or other people can add to the data set.
21:30-24:00 What effect does the social web have on search?
24:00-26:30 Google Plus is the most successful social network since Facebook and Twitter, why hasn’t Facebook put out an open, searchable version?
26:30-31:30 Thank you to GoToMeeting for sponsoring the program. Sign you for your 30 day free trial at GoToMeeting.com and use the promo code ‘START.’
31:30-33:30 So why not launch this as a commercial product? Do you see a time that people would be able to pay to access this data cache?
33:30-35:00 Are there any applications that a consumer can go look at right now? (See Tineye.com.)
35:00-36:45 How often are you indexing?
36:45-40:00 Is the future of search providing an answer or is the future of search indexing the web?
40:00-41:00 Question from the chat: Does Live Matrix use Common Crawl?
41:00-43:30 What do you guys think Apple’s chances of entering the search space are?
43:30-46:15 Is Wikipedia so busy maintaining their site that they can’t delve further into search?
46:15-51:15 What are some other applications for the index (Common Crawl)?
51:15-56:45 Do you think, as a society, that we’re going to have access to these tools?
56:45-57:45 What did you see in Klout, Nova, that I didn’t see?
57:45-59:00 Nova: The Web is high school on a global scale.
59:00-1:00:45 Do you see Klout ever becoming similar to a FICA score?
1:00:45-1:01:00 If someone wants to get involved, where do they go?
1:01:00-1:01:45 Thank you to Gil and Nova for joining us today and to Walker Corporate Law and GoToMeeting for their sponsorship. We’ll see you next time!

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