E526: Glenn Beck, Founder & Host of TheBlaze on the intersections of tech, mainstream America & national interests




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about this episode

Glenn Beck is an entrepreneur, libertarian, television personality, radio host, author, producer, and filmmaker. Previously on CNN and Fox News, Glenn and his company reach 50m people per month through his radio and television shows and TheBlaze, an independent TV network and website he founded in 2011. Jason sits down with Glenn at the LAUNCH Festival 2015 for this fascinating discussion about the intersection of technology, mainstream America, and national interests. Glenn speaks candidly with Jason on the similarities of his audience and Silicon Valley, how radio is changing, CNN and Fox’s biggest competitors (hint: a 16-year-old with something authentic to say!), why Glenn trusts corporations more than government, how tech can help solve national problems, why Glenn is addicted to Facebook, how the US needs national principles, why his 10-year-old son will not go to college (most likely), & much more. Don’t miss it!

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  • @jasoncalacanis very good to see you have Glenn Beck on. The content production engine he’s built is seriously impressive. The Blaze (the news website part) frequently quotes the blog I help manage and they really get the role of alternative media and how they can scoop and out perform the big media guns.

    One piece of feedback: would have preferred more talk on his business model and less on his politics and topics of interest. They’re interesting but there are plenty of other places you can learn them from (his media sites mainly!).

    It is a pity that your audience at that event (judging by the lack of applause as he came on) is so closed minded and unwilling to listen to someone based on prejudiced hearsay they’ve heard. I’m glad you got past that.

  • daniel mcguire

    If someone can point to a single interesting point Beck made in this interview, please point it out to me. I’m 14 minutes in and giving up. @jason

  • daniel mcguire

    “I see myself as a storyteller” says Glenn Beck. “Bullshit Artist” is another way of putting it.

  • Jony Noble

    In summary, he’s someone who believes that man should be able to set his own course. If you don’t care for that rhetoric, then by all means stop now.

  • Damien Jones

    I feel like Beck had a few points that were good. I was bothered by his blatant misinterpretation of what a progressive is. Overall, Jason’s description was better than what Beck actually said. His accidental journey into entrepreneurship is interesting and if he could have stepped away from the political rhetoric long enough it would have been a much better interview. Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks would also be an interesting interview along the same lines if he can succeed in leaving the rhetoric at home.