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Greg Tseng, the co-founder of social network Tagged, is in the This Week in Startups hot seat to talk about the importance of executive coaching, the value of creating a healthy work environment and why mentorship matters.

0:00-2:15 Welcome everyone, we’re here today with Tagged founder Greg Tseng.
2:15-3:00 Special thanks to our friends at CNET and CBS Interactive for hosting TWiST on the road.
3:00-5:00 Thank you to our friends at MailChimp for their generous support. Everyone thank @mailchimp!
5:00-5:30 Welcome, Greg. How many monthly unique impressions is Tagged getting now?
5:30-7:30 What exactly is Tagged?
7:30-9:15 What did you think you could bring to social networking that Facebook couldn’t?
9:15-11:00 What is the sunk/cost fallacy?
11:00-12:30 What is social discovery? If I’m on Netflix and I liked this movie, then I might like that movie?
12:30-14:30 How does Tagged insert someone new into my network?
14:30-17:00 And you have your own game library, right?
17:00-18:15 Do you make money for the dating service of Tagged?
18:15-19:15 How much do you charge?
19:15-21:00 How did you establish the culture of Tagged?
21:00-22:45 Why do you think you’ve never had any leaks?
22:45-23:30 Greg: “A startup is like a roller coaster that goes up and to the right.”
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25:30-28:00 Why are mobile apps so hot?
28:00-30:00 Think about the fact that the iPad didn’t even exist two years ago.
30:00-31:30 It’s very easy to forget about your personal health as a founder, isn’t it?
31:30-34:00 Tell me a little about the executive coaching. What is their role?
34:00-37:45 Does she actually give you language to use?
37:45-41:00 What were some of the roughest times at Tagged?
41:00-42:00 How much of the time did the legal issues take that year?
42:00-44:00 Another lesson learned: Controlling your public message.
44:00-45:15 Reid Hoffman: “If you’re not embarrassed by version 1 of your product, you took too long to release it.”
45:15-47:30 How do you keep daily releases from getting too manic or out of control?
47:30-50:30 You’ve been an entrepreneur for how long, about a decade? At its core, what do you think entrepreneurship is all about?
50:30-51:45 What do you do when you find out that you suck at something?
51:45-53:00 What’s the secret to hiring? Is it the toughest thing?
53:00-54:30 How have you been profitable for so long? Why aren’t you raising more money?
54:30-57:00 What do you think is going to happen in the next five years?
57:00-58:00 What inning is the Internet business in right now, do you think?
58:00-58:30 Do you consider Taiwan part of China?
58:30-59:00 If you’re an amazing developer, email your resume to greg@tagged.com.
59:00-1:00:00 We wish you continued success, Greg. Thank you for joining us.

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