Harlem Capital’s Henri Pierre-Jacques on funding underrepresented founders, insights from raising first fund & getting Apple as an LP, Black culture’s impact on social apps | E1183



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Show notes:
0:54 Jason intros Henri Pierre-Jacques & they discuss capital allocation to underrepresented founders, Apple’s first LP investment into Harlem Capital & how they invest
7:35 Insights from raising Harlem Capital’s first fund with institutional LPs
12:12 LinkedIn Jobs – Post your first job free at https://www.linkedin.com/twist
13:47 Pre- and post-George Floyd world in capital allocation
18:39 Trouble getting a venture position coming out of Harvard Business School, starting his own fund to not wait in line, tragedy influence
25:51 Embroker – Get 10% off by using code TWIST at https://embroker.com/twist
27:25 Polarization of America, importance of tough conversations & understanding other’s struggles
32:59 Black culture’s impact on Instagram, Twitter & Clubhouse, equity participation amongst wealthy celebrities
39:39 UserTesting – Request your free trial at https://www.usertesting.com/twist
41:15 Feedback for underrepresented founders, why “fail fast” doesn’t work for all founders
45:13 Why some first-time founders (and even some VCs) misunderstand “venture scale,” how venture capitalists can make material change
1:01:14 Heightened interest in private company investing & alternative assets

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