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How are you feeling today? If anything is achy, sore or just out of sorts, chances are there’s an app (or device) for that. In a TWiST Health and Fitness Special, we looked at two companies leading the way in the health and fitness space: Ben Rubin of Zeo and Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper. Watch as Ben and Jason J. demo some of the coolest health tools on the market today and tell us what they think the next big thing will be in this vertical.

0:00-2:45 Welcome everyone to the TWiST Health and Fitness devices special!
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4:45-6:00 Today we have Ben Rubin of Zeo and Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper.
6:00-7:45 Let’s take a look at some health stats. Did you know that we spend $130B a year on healthcare costs related to obesity and lack of exercise?
7:45-9:45 So Ben, why did you start Zeo?
9:45-10:00 Tyler: Have you shown this to the people you went to on day one for funding?
10:00-11:00 Let’s take a look at the Zeo Sleep Manager.
11:00-12:00 How does the headband collect data?
12:00-14:00 Ben demos the Zeo app.
14:00-15:30 What is your optimal sleep number? How many hours do you need per night?
15:30-17:30 For a normal person, do they use it, then stop and only come back when they have problems?
17:30-18:30 Why isn’t sleep education mandatory?
18:30-20:45 Let’s take a look at the Withings WiFi Scale and Blood Pressure cuff.
20:45-23:00 Jason, when and why did you start RunKeeper?
23:00-25:00 How many people are using RunKeeper?
25:00-27:30 Jason J. displays his RunKeeper dashboard.
27:30-32:30 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the show. And congrats for reaching one million users!
32:30-33:30 Jason, how do you deal with a huge competitor like Nike?
33:30-35:00 Explain to us what the vision for the health graph is.
35:00-37:45 Jason J. shows his fitness feed and explains the idea behind Street Team.
37:45-38:30 Is the app free, Ben?
38:30-39:00 Is there talk among Zeo, RunKeeper, Withings, etc., about condensing into one product?
39:00-41:30 Have you ever considered renaming the company, Jason?
41:30-45:00 Jason, is there a biking app that you’ve integrated?
45:00-47:30 How have angel investors been responding to this industry?
47:30-49:00 Did Google shut down Health? Why did they fail, Jason?
50:30-52:00 Question from the chat: Can Zeo help me learn how to lucid dream?
52:00-54:30 Question from the chat: Will RunKeeper be giving data access to health insurance companies to decide on prices?
54:30-56:00 Jason, what’s the business model for the health graph?
56:00-57:00 Jason, do you plan to keep RunKeeper as a free app?
57:00-58:30 What did the board say to going free?
58:30-01:01:00 What’s it been like being a leading candidate in this space, Jason? Have you been getting a lot of buy-out offers?
01:01:00-01:03:30 Let’s take a look at what a long life costs in the US vs. other countries. Why do we spend so much more to not live any longer?
01:03:30-01:07:00 Should companies offer incentives to employees who get healthier, improve their sleep, etc? Is it their place to get involved?
01:07:00-01:09:00 What do you think, Ben?
01:09:00-01:11:30 Do users want to meet people outside of their existing graph on RunKeeper, Jason?
01:11:30-01:14:00 Question from the chat: When talking about rewards and incentives, Ben, how do you differentiate between people who live unhealthily and those who have bad genes? What do you think, Jason?
01:14:00-01:15:30 Taking a look out what else is on the horizon. What’s the most interesting thing here?
01:15:30-01:17:30 Thank you to Ben and Jason for joining us today. If you’re an awesome dev, you can reach them at ben@myzeo.com and jason@runkeeper.com.
01:17:30-01:18:30 Thank you to our sponsors Carbonite and MailChimp. Remember to thank them on Twitter @Carbonite and @MailChimp for sponsoring the show!
01:18:30-01:19:30 Robert, what do you have coming up today on This Week in Social Media?

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