E430: Heartbleed, Healthcare.gov and Uber for packages

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Heartbleed is tearing the guts out of the internet this week: a bug that attacks Open SSL encryption, affecting Yahoo, OKCupid and many more sites that use the encryption standard. The troubled Healthcare.gov rollout led U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, to resign.

Plus, in the Bing LAUNCH of the Week, Uber is launching a courier service for packages, using bike messengers in Manhattan, the Flatiron School charges $12k to turn students into professional devs in 3 months, and on Kickstarter, listening to the biofeedback of plants.

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Executive Producers
Magnus Ingvarsson
Mary Ann Halford

Anthony Ortenzi
Jeffrey Hoffer
Marcos Trinidad
Greg Meadows
Lisa Jones
Michael Piggott
Jose Fuentes
Austin Miller
William Paoletto
Louis-Eric Simard
James Shute
Shelley L Gaskin


3:30 – Heartbleed

4:07 – AE: First of all, not news that NSA uses bugs in open source software. A gentleman from Germany has claimed responsibility. Amazing how it takes the biggest bug in internet history to only have one full time developer. Big web companies need to pony up and figure this out…to fund this stuff properly. Maybe there’s a new form of cyber insurance that companies can have
5:10 – DM: It’s like democracy. Not perfect, but what is better? Who else is exploiting this. NSA has two mandates: 1) strengthen US government 2) to spy. This is why folks are talking about ripping it into parts because the two are incompatible at some level. We may have been exaggerating this. Cloudflarechallenge.com
6:50 – JC: With open source, at least the bug gets IDed quickly and repaired quickly.
6:55 – AE: Amazon, Heroku, it took 14 hours to get fixed. Bigger point: if you’re using cloud server systems, it may take later
7:35 – DM: Could be faster. I wouldn’t have had a head start.
8:05 – JC: My sysadmin did it pretty quick. Consumer who see this, what’s the best practice? Rushing to two factor authentication?
8:36 – AE: I want to be a fly on the wall. Enduring Security Framework. NSA meets with web companies. Top secret meetings. People like Sergey go to Fort Meade.
9:25 – JC: Dovetail to Snowden, spying?
9:32 – DM: we’re hyper-aware of it. The natural response is did the NSA insert this? No evidence that it happened. We’ve seen stories last fall saying NSA appears to be subverting some cryptographic processes. Not a smoking gun, but suggestive. We’re hypersensitive to this, but finally we’re taking this seriously.

10:30 – JC: Bitcoin – beginning of the end?
11:04 – AE: Hard to speak specifically. Not yet sold on this being the only crypto of the future. We’re in the beginning of the space. No doubt these will be useful in the future. You don’t always need a lot of 3rd parties involved in transactions. Value to having this kind. No one has proven to me that Bitcoin is it.Other currencies that might be less harmful to the environment.
12:16 – DM: Bitcoin has been up 4 to 5 times in the last year. Some form of digital currency / e-cash will take over the world at some point. Closer to 5 to 10 years from now. They don’t need to unseat completely, but we’re already using non-FRNs (credit cards, bank transfers) what do we care what it’s in? If governments let it happen
13:15 – AE: Governments will not willingly cede control to something like currency
13:35 – JC: From a user perspective, there’s no use case that has come out. Reminds me of Google Glass. Everyone fascinated, but no one can tell you what to do with it. Money laundering, Silk Road, money storage.
14:30 – DM: I was at a Bitcoin conference last year, when I was at CNET. Startups were saying one of best use cases were mail order. Physical shipments to less developed shipments. With Bitcoin they don’t have to worry about credit card fraud. In Argentina, bank crashes, currency devaluation, inflation, Bitcoin would help. What if it starts to be embedded in the standards of the internet. Maybe paying directly is more efficient.

16:10 – ShareFile ad read

17:50 – Bing Launch of the Week
18:04 – JC: UberRUSH intro
18:45 – AE: surprised this didn’t happen sooner. A logistics company. It makes sense. They don’t view themselves as a cab company. They started charging cabbies $10/week for their data plan. Very controversial. The other interesting thing about Uber is that they’re buying a ton of hardware.You have all the OEMs that are trying to get a piece of that.
19:55 – DM: I don’t know if it’s a logistics company. I sent a Nexus 5 to my father. More expensive to use UPS, I trust it more. To know that I’m getting real time data is really nice.
20:20 – JC: Messengers in New York. Scary to give to a messenger, and to find out if it got there.
22:20 – JC: I don’t ask for info because I don’t want people to say there’s a link. What do people say about Uber API, what do they mean by that?
23:30 – AE: There are companies that are trying to do this, but try to offer this to any business.
23:50 – DM: If you do it right, you have to deal with accounts. You have to trust them a lot.
24:40 – JC: I don’t want to do any reporting. I just want to give opinion. Sometimes with my Google writing, I’m with someone at Google. is that reporting or shooting the shit?
25:15 – DM: I use Google delivery (NAME?) all the time. Google services my neighborhood. Semi-rural. They deliver. Free for the first 6 month. $5 per month per store. Which covers gas. Works well 90% of cases.
26:05 – AE: they’re advertising a lot.
26:15 – JC: GV did last round at Uber. Now dipping their toes in deliveries. Both sides fo fence
26:30 – AE: With Uber, that GV deal was premised on synergy with Google. That’s how they sold it internally. Meeting between management and android team. Thinking about going into Android. A lot of opportunities.
27:10 – JC: Self-driving cars is the 10-year opportunity
27:25 – JC: Flatiron Code School intro
27:55 – Flatiron video
28:40 – JC: does every startup have to have a video about saving the planet?
29:?? – Clinkle conversation
29:52 – JC: regulation of coding schools.
30:00 – AE: What I’m skeptical of is the data to back up that they’re worth the money.
30:15 – DM: I’ve been a programmer since I was 12 or 13 and I’ve dusted off some of these skills to work on recent.io and I’m rustier than I thought. Need 10k to be good at something. don’t see how you can get really good.
31:20 – JC: It kind of feels like the school is price gauging. $12k feels extremely expensive to me.
31:40 – AE: I’ve started to use codecademy. The whole point here is that every programmer likes to say I’m self-taught. If that’s true and there are all these tools, it’s hard to see how a school…
32:10 – JC: If you do love code, you’re going to use these online tools and figure it out. The people who feel they need to spend $1k per week, are they going to be good programmers?
32:35 – DM: When you can go through Harvard’s course for free, why spend this amount of money? It would be better spent bootstrapping or buying a machine.
33:30 – DM: You learn a lot in a CS curriculum. You’ll learn about ways to think about programming and science. Different algorithms and how fast.
33:50 – JC: I’m going to start my own school. $120k for 3 months. Learn to be an entrepreneur. Gotta get my evil on.

34:20 – MailChimp ad read

35:50 – JC: MIDI Sprout
36:12 – MIDI Sprout video
37:02 – JC: If this is a SNL skit, then well played!
37:35 – DM: This could be a brilliant parody
38:15 – JC: After living in LA, I believe everyone would fund everything. Raw milk.
39:10 – DM: Why are you moving to the Bay Area?
39:15 – JC: I’m there every week. I have a 4 year old daughter. She’ll Facetime with me. I’m angel investing. The opportunity here. Did my first AL syndicate. I put $50k into Calm.com.
40:50 – AE: I don’t view the VCs as competition. On the free news side of things, the game has opened up. Everyone is trying to be a brand. The audience is being splintered. I don’t know how much investment all these VC firms can make in being a brand.
41:25 – DM: What site will be your homepage for the internet? It’s not Yahoo! anymore. Do you really want to go to a free news site and have them regurgitate?
42:50 – AE: 3rd place – coding school, 2nd – biofeedback. by default, it’s Uber. I’m not sure this counts.
43:40 – DM: In terms of the Flatiron school, gold miners. I’m not a fan, but I’d like to be wrong. MIDI Sprout, I remember going to a Princeton concert. It was pretty remarkable. In terms of practicality, Uber has to be the winner.
44:30 – JC: we are having some fun at Flatiron’s expense, but it does seem a little bit predatory.
45:35 – French Email Legislation
46:15 – DM: It’s already hard to hire tech employees abroad because it’s difficult to fire them. You can’t be an engineer working on a mission-critical product and limit hours
47:00 – AE: Startup Minister killed Daily Motion deal.
47:50 – DM: Federal Gov task force to investigate.
48:00 – JC: Sweden is testing a 6-hour workday. This has to do with labor in general. The evaporation of jobs. What do you think about shortening the work day or minimum salary?
48:48 – DM: Just came back from Maui. Kind of tempting to say I’ll be a professional bum, but the most talented employees are going to be the ones who are smartest and most motivated, out to make a fortune. Willing to work the long hours. As long as you can control what you’re doing.

49:39 – Healthcare.gov
50:25 – JC: Ultimately a good sign that the government got a website working?
50:35 – DM: It’s been half a year, not a couple of months. She should have resigned a while ago. If it was a disaster, why didn’t she leave? The problems w/ Obamacare aren’t just the website. It was rushed into law without anyone knowing
51:21 – AE: I’m so bored of this whole thing
51:25 – JC: We should have made the whole government pays a certain amount to everyone like in Canada. We should have just done that.
51:45 – AE: I’m excited about health-related startups. I’m talking about interesting biotech to One Medical that try to make the experience better.

52:40 Wi-fi
AE: being able to concentrate the signal instead of dispersing it. A lot of big improvements and a lot of vendors. Comcast has been working on building a giant wifi network. I’m a Comcast subscriber, I haven’t seen any ads. They’re able to install a lot of access points in public spaces. They’re a massive company; they’re not going anywhere. They have their issues, but htey’re generally successful.
54:50 – DM: If I’m driving on the 101 or Bay Bridge, how does this work?
55:05 – AE: What’s interesting is that they have an agreement with Verizon at wholesale price. All a combination. A full-fledged wireless carrier.
56:05 – AE: They automatically set you to AT&T and it’s worse. They’re taking your router and making it a public access point.
56:56 – JC: I think Google is doing that with Fiber. A takeover not a test.
57:00 – AE: They have to work with carriers that hate them. A bigger story than what Google wants to do. Blanket an entire city with wifi, a lot of possibilities. Machine to machine.
57:33 – DM: The Comcast piggybacking is only with my router and default settings, right?
58:05 – AE: Comcast is trying to work on a YouTube competitor. You scoff, but they know how to monetize content.

58:30 – breaking news – Amazon phone
59:00 – AE: phones are hard. Interesting to see price point.
59:19 – DM: As an app dev, I wanna know if I can install android apps without a problem?
59:55 – JC: Will these forked versions be crippled by Google?
1:00:00 – AE: most can’t, you’re right. Amazon does say that it’s easy to take your Android app to make it work on their platform.

1:00:47 – breaking news – Drew Houston
1:01:31 – DM: A litmus test…we saw the same thing with Mozilla’s CEO. If you have views that are not mainstream, but I do like free speech. Let’s be careful about applying these tests. Gore has history of supporting Clipper chip.
1:02:27 – AE: She’s not going to control the board, she’s going to help where she can. People say nice things about her. Marissa’s on Walmart board.
1:02:52 – JC: I think people think less of her because of that. Why are you on a company that won’t pay a sustainable wage? Before Yahoo!, so she probably couldn’t say no. Post-Yahoo!, she may not have taken it. Why would you want to be associated with that?
1:03:35 – DM Walmart also opened stores that lowered prices so that people could afford fresh vegetables. Overall, this is a good thing for society. Let’s also look at the benefits.
1:04:00 – JC: Maybe she joins the board to effect change. Are we going to put them under a deep microscope, like politicians?
1:04:32 – DM: If you want to lead a tech company, you have to be absolutely boring.
1:04:40 – AE: these companies are becoming more important. Should be under a microscope.
1:05:05 – AE: my personal thought is that if you’re a leader, your personal beliefs are pertinent to your employees. If it’s going to affect your company’s ability to recruit then the decision makes perfect sense. I’m for gay marriage, but I….it would affect my decision. You want to work for a company you believe in. Rupert, there has been a lot of fear, but he’s b
1:06: 25 – DM I’m a second amendment supporter. I kind of like Glocks…how about if you’re pro-life, or pro-choice? I don’t like the litmus test when they don’t affect the ability to do their job.
1:07:00 – JC: People are talking 1st Amendment. I don’t think it’s about that. Is this a religious beliefs issue or a human rights issue? That’s why it’s so challenging.
1:08:00 – AE: I fall into the civil rights camp, too. I think the tech culture prides itself on meritocracy and progressive.
1:08:20 – DM: Maybe the best programmer is a pro-lifer from Utah…In this case, there was limited outcry as CTO. No problems hiring lesbian or gay employees.
1:08: 55 – AE: It’s happening.
1:09:05 – DM: There are consequences you can’t predict.
1:09:34 – AE: This is why CEOs stay away from talking politics.
1:09:55 – JC: I think he’s a bad leader. A good leader could turn lemons into lemonade at this. I think he said he wouldn’t have done it (fact check). Cagey, suggestive. Still believes but didn’t want to make a big deal of it. If it were me, I’d have said, I love the team, I love what we’re doing. However, I realize I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t want to impose my beliefs. My religious beliefs are mine, but if you want me to stay…. but he didn’t. He didn’t make himself available.
1:11:20 – AE: The Information didn’t cover this.

1:11:42 – Close
1:13:24 end

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