E433: Homebrew VCs Hunter Walk and Satya Patel on Google, YouTube and seed-stage entrepreneurship

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Why start a seed-stage VC firm? For Hunter Walk and Satya Patel, they wanted to work together again. The friends met at Google in the early 2000s as product managers on AdSense. Hunter joined the YouTube team when Google acquired it, Satya eventually moved on to Twitter, and to become a VC. Yes, they could have retired on those pre-IPO Google stock options. Instead, they founded Homebrew. Less than a year old, their initial $25m fund quickly grew to $35m, primarily from institutions.

In this episode, we go deep on Google’s inner workings: Hunter and Satya tell Jason who was really running the company when Eric Schmidt was CEO, how Larry Page has streamlined where questions and answers come from, and why YouTube on its own could be worth $75b. Plus, how starting a small VC firm to fund seed-stage startups, is a lot like raising a seed round at a startup.

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