How Tiger Global is outpacing VC with better, faster, cheaper, capital ft. Founders Fund’s Everett Randle | E1207



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Show notes:
00:00​ Start
00:58​ “Playing Different Games” by Everett Randle of Founder’s Fund
06:48​ Breaking down Tiger Global’s strategy
11:50​ Tiny Capital – Sell your wonderful internet business at​
13:14​ Implications of “overpay and go away”
19:22​ The new strategy for the growth stage (post-product market fit)
23:04​ OurCrowd – Join Ourcrowd’s investing platform for free today at​
24:42​ Comparing the business of VC to consumer retailers
27:44​ How Tiger does a deal per day
31:45​ Who loses in the new investing paradigm?
34:35​ Secureframe – Get $2000 off your SOC 2 at​
36:00​ VCs have become complacent
41:38​ The wrong way a “J.C. Penney Fund” VCs might respond
48:04​ Founders Fund small talk

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