Howard Lindzon on public vs. private investing psychology, “great unbundling” of index funds, Robinhood & more | Angel S5 E4



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1:22 Jason intros Howard Lindzon & they talk about angel investing stories from the first dot-com bubble
5:50 Creating the $ cashtag on Twitter, psychology of public vs. private investing, why VCs fled the public markets after the dot-com bust & how this relates to the SPAC movement
12:51 Odoo – Get your first app free & $1000 off your first implementation pack at
14:23 Are recent public market returns sustainable? Why hedge fund VCs have an advantage, how the Tinder swipe relates to SPACs
23:27 LinkedIn Jobs – Post your first job free at
24:58 How SPACs are a hedge against paternal investing laws, why active investors should push back against “set and forget” investing, how index funds enable poor executive performance
29:51 The “Great unbundling” of index funds, how Howard invested in Robinhood
34:08 Assure – Get 20% off your first SPV at
35:41 Howard tells a Robinhood term sheet story
39:26 Deconstructing the unprecedented Robinhood situation
48:22 Pandemic, vaccine news, optimism, how the party moved from private to public markets
55:21 Disney as a conglomerate, pure-play stocks, Apple’s narrative issues, investing over Zoom, Uber’s recent acquisition
1:05:50 Creating a digital wall with China, Trump’s Twitter ban

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