E684: Jam Session! Startup founders & growth experts share best strategies to become an influencer, build a channel sales program, & engineer your way to content success



about this episode

Jason “jams out” a number of marketing and growth tips with founders in this special “Jam Session” episode of This Week in Startups. Scott Abel, CEO of The Content Wrangler, shares 10 lessons to creating your own influencer campaign. Arjun Moorthy is currently the CEO of CivikOwl, and previously spent 5 years at HubSpot as the VP of Business Development and then as the Head of Channel Program. He shares lessons learned from HubSpot, and talks about how to widen your sales by paying resellers to become a channel for your product. Then, founder of Credo, John Doherty, explains why startup founders should do less content, but do it better.


00:41: Jason introduces today’s Jam Session.

01:22: Scott Abel of The Content Wrangler is first up with a slide deck on leveraging content manufacturing and influencer marketing to create evangelists

11:21: Break – Thank you, Dollar Shave Club!

14:11: Scott shares additional tips on creating your influencer campaign.

19:29: Jason asks Brian Alvey if this applies to B2B only, or if this can work for B2C companies.

22:24: Mei Siauw asks Scott how small companies would sell to influencers.

25:51: Break – Thank you, Squarespace!

27:32: Arjun Moorthy of CivikOwl talks about building a channel sales program.

47:38: Andrew Farah asks Arjun how to think about channel sales if you haven’t hit product market fit yet.

50:00: John Doherty of Credo explains engineering content at a growth startup

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