E519: CEO/Cofounder Jaron Gilinsky & Storyhunter give unprecedented benefits to video journalists & critical press coverage to conflict regions



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Jason’s guest today is Jaron Gilinsky, Cofounder & CEO of Storyhunter.tv, which matches freelance video journalists/filmmakers with publishers. After many years as a foreign correspondent for the NY Times, Time, Inc. and others, often risking his life in regions of conflict, Jaron built this incredible platform that not only gives freelancers new access to job opportunities but also to personal insurance and essential workflow management. Moreover, oppressed and/or dangerous regions that don’t have press on the ground are now finding journalists through Storyhunter, getting coverage they desperately need. Don’t miss this amazing, action-packed show, peppered with harrowing footage of Jaron and a blisteringly close rocket attack, riveting conversations about the state of journalism, the dedication and sacrifices of foreign correspondents, how we tell stories, the power of software, and much more — hosted by a slightly loopy Jason on back pain meds!

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Jaron’s blog post on Medium (read in the show) “When a Kidnapped Journalist is a Freelancer”: http://goo.gl/cfwj0A

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