Jason’s Shark Tank – MusicTrainer

TWiST 32

Brendan Miranda, pitches MusicTrainer a website that provides video music instruction, a PDF curriculum, forum support and will be monetized through AdSense.

Jason and George’s Comments:

  • Pitch wasn’t great but the idea was clear
  • Good global market
  • Too many features and none were killer
  • Great domain name
  • Narrow down what you want to do and expand as you go
  • Don’t mess with the PDF pages

In the spirit of brainstorming Brendan’s idea, Jason sketches up a wireframe on the fly for MusicTrainer believing it needs to take a more curated approach to learning how to play songs. Jason’s idea revolves around creating a page for a song with 3 to 5 versions of someone teaching you how to play the song. What Brendan needs to do is summarize what is good and bad about each lesson and give his advice . Jason goes on to offer if does this for 5 songs he will place them on the Mahalo’s homepage.

Brendan comments late in the clip that he owns ChefTrainer and ArtTrainer and would like to spin this idea into these industries. When he mentioned this it made me think of a pilot I used to fly with at TWA, when flying to Paris each month he would sign up for a class at Le Cordon Bleu to learn how to make a five course dinner. The only issue is the culinary space is crowded and taking a different approach will be necessary to stand out. So I definitely believe that their is interest in learning trade skills, it all comes down to making it interesting and fun for the user.

Follow Up

I contacted Brendan to see how things were progressing and I am happy to report he has taken Jason up on his offer and plans to launch his new site in late January or early February. He is currently in talks with music studios regarding music rights and revenue sharing. Like most people he needs a little help with web design, so if music and tech are your passion and you would like to get involved, feel free to contact him.

I also asked Brendan if he had any advice for others who would like to pitch Jason. He recommended to be prepared to pitch before you send in the email because things happened quickly and he would have loved to prepare just a bit more.

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