E363: Jerry Colonna Independent Life/Business Coach & Former VC




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Founders, you are not the first (or the last) to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, as VC-turned-coach Jerry Colonna told Jason. They also discussed Jerry’s own depression/direction change, the randomness of luck, willing things into existence, self merging with work, how leaders define reality and more.

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  • Brenton Thornicroft

    Jason, I’ve watched countless episodes of TWIST and this one was so special I had to comment. It was humbling to see you guys share your personal struggles and misfortunes in such a vulnerable way. I needed this episode today… I’m in the process of “treating myself” to actual functioning windows in my 97 Honda (sacrifice mobile) and have been fighting the electrical issues myself with little luck. After years spent pursuing the entrepreneurial journey, 14 hour unpaid workdays, 6 or 7 days a week with little to show for it, I almost reached my breaking point today when I came to the realization I’m fighting to get windows to work in a 16 year old AC’less car while most people around me are moving on with their lives. This talk was a good recharge for me and a much needed reminder to both relax and stay focused… so thank you.

  • Jakob Jenkov

    Where did Jerry get his coaching education? … interesting insights.