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TWiST/TWiSM Crossover Episode #17 with Joe Fernandez of Klout
In the first issue of the new This Week in Social Media, Jason kicks things off with Joe Fernandez of Klout, the social scoring phenomenon. Joe explains the algorithms at work behind the scores, how you can increase yours and what the future (Klout credit cards?) looks like.

0:00-1:00 Welcome to the inaugural edition of the rebooted This Week in Social Media.
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2:00-3:30 Ad for MailChimp.
3:30-4:30 Welcome to Joe Fernandez, the CEO and co-founder of Klout.
4:30-5:45 What do the scores mean?
5:45-6:30 So as the score gets higher it’s harder to move? How to followers factor in? Tell me why each statistic is important.
6:30-7:30 Joe explains how re-Tweets factor into your Klout score.
7:30-8:45 What do ‘bots’ mean on Twitter?
8:45-10:00 So these people are trying to capture an audience searching on Google or Bing?
10:00-10:45 Is Klout like Page Rank for people?
10:45-11:30 So does that mean you picked your original cohorts?
11:30-12:30 And likes are when people like what you send?
12:30-14:00 How does the topics feature work?
14:00-15:00 If someone doesn’t have a score does that mean they’re new?
15:00-15:45 Are 30s and 40s solid scores?
15:45-16:45 Do you normalize for the sexy avatar issue?
16:45-18:00 Do you know when someone is from another country?
18:00-18:45 So by looking at more scores I can learn how to be a better influencer?
18:45-20:15 What’s the value Klout gains as a business?
20:15-21:15 How do the promotional integrations work?
21:15-22:00 Now that there are perks, are people starting to game the system?
22:00-22:45 Explain the +K system.
22:45-23:30 How many +Ks do I have to give?
23:30-24:30 What exactly is ‘Klout style’?
24:30-25:30 It has me listed as a tastemaker. What does that mean?
25:30-26:15 So you’re looking at links or keywords?
26:15-27:30 Are you including YouTube as a factor in the score soon?
27:30-30:00 What was the community management process when you tweaked the algorithm?
30:00-31:00 How transparent can you be?
31:00-31:45 Jason on Internet fame.
31:45-33:00 Somebody told me that you can game Klout by using quotes.
33:00-34:00 Joe coins the term “reTweet bait.”
34:00-35:00 If you had more information, such as the device someone was using, would that influence your Klout score?
35:00-36:15 When will I be able to search people by their Klout score?
36:15-37:30 In a way, aren’t people already able to target me if my Klout score is public?
37:30-38:15 Tyler: I use Klout for Skweal.
38:15-39:00 What’s the craziest thing people have done with the API?
39:30-41:00 Jason advocates using Klout scores to promote elitism.
41:00-43:00 Peer index started after you, but it seems like they copied your site? As an entrepreneur, what was it like for you to see someone so blatantly rip off your product?
43:00-43:30 Why would YouTube not be one of my topics if I tweet about them all the time?
43:30-45:00 Should Klout be integrated as a piece of Facebook or Twitter?
45:00-46:00 How difficult is it to make sense of what people are talking about when there is such a diversity of topics?
46:00-47:30 What should businesses do if they know someone’s Klout score?
47:30-49:30 Could this get to the point where someone swipes a credit card and it pulls up your Klout score?
49:30-51:00 What if you want to appeal your Klout score?
51:00-52:00 Do you think people will start changing their behavior in order to drive influence?
52:00-53:15 I think Klout is fascinating and I salute you as an entrepreneur for persevering.
53:15-55:00 Have you thought about having a black or platinum Klout card?
55:00-55:30 Jason explains why he needs a scoop from Joe.
55:30-56:45 Jason gets Joe to say that the toolbar will be on the New York Times site.
56:45-58:00 Thank you for coming on the program, Joe.
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