Joel Greenblatt on understanding market factors, improving public education, reducing income inequality & more | E1159

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Show notes:
0:00 Start
1:04 Jason intros Joel Greenblatt & they discuss managing other people’s money vs. managing your own
6:02 Impact of public markets’ daily scorecard, refusing the urge to sell winners
11:39 Vanta – Get $1k off your SOC 2 at
12:57 Understanding market factors: participants in a market, market cap size, amount of public companies; impact of high cost of being public in US, lessons from biggest misses
23:12 Embroker – Get 10% off by using code TWIST at
24:45 Issues with urban education in the US, impact of charter schools, impact on real estate & more
36:57 OurCrowd – Sign up for a free account at
38:35 Solution: Corporate certifications
45:12 How software engineering education can be a guide for other industries, thoughts on ISA schools
50:47 Breaking down minimum wage, earned income tax credits, economic inequality, UBI & more
1:01:20 Soviet-style system of US public education, California going bankrupt, skill-based immigration
1:17:40 Australian superannuation funds, taking advantage of compounding interest, financial literacy

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