E365: Joel Spolsky – CEO of Stack Exchange & Co-Founder at Fog Creek



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Filmed at WeWork NYC, Jason chats with Joel Spolsky about the developer community, recruiting and culture.

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0:02:30 When did you start Fog Creek?
0:02:45 What was the first product you built?
0:03:00 Why were developers treated it poorly
0:03:45 What was the tipping point in culture when people saw developers as creating the future?
0:05:15 Why was Lotus Noes so cutting edge?
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0:13:45 How do you know if your idea is too early?
0:14:45 What did Stack Overflow get right that everyone else got wrong?
0:17:00 What were people using before?
0:17:30 Why is the web still strong?
0:18:15 When did Stack Overflow launch?
0:20:15 How has raising venture capital worked out?
0:22:00 How did you reconcile?
0:22:30 Is it a negative to a VC to have another business?
0:22:45 How many uniques do you get per month?
0:26:15 Thank you to audible for sponsoring the show!
0:30:30 How do you make revenue?
0:31:30 What kind of CPM is that?
0:31:45 What about ads?
0:32:15 Why does the advertising keep growing?
0:33:00 How much are the ads?
0:34:00 Did you ever raise a B round?
0:34:45 What’s the future of the company? IPO? Sell?
0:35:30 Do you have a personal goal for the company?
0:37:00 Why wouldn’t you sell to LinkedIn?
0:38:15 Why is there adversion to contingency recruiters?
0:40:30 Will you start building out skill assessment?
0:41:15 What is the state of demand for developers today?
0:42:15 Do you think the market will ever collapse & we won’t need developers?
0:43:00 What should developers get paid?
0:43:30 What should a senior developer get paid?
0:44:00 How important is the mission for developers?
0:44:45 Do developers make a decision based on job perks?
0:47:00 What is Trello?
0:52:45 Do you implement the point systems?
0:53:30 Does weighing the importance of features make employees feel empowered?
0:54:15 What is your opinion on time tracking?
0:56:00 Should you concentrate on the highest priorities first?
0:58:00 What’s a Monte Carlo simulation?
0:59:45 What percentage of people do this?
1:00:00 Why do developers react negatively?
1:00:30 What’s a reasonable amount of time a coder should code a day?
1:01:30 What is the number of hours it takes to solve programming problems?
1:02:00 What is going on during the other hours?
1:02:30 What is the top percentile of people can code per hour?
1:03:15 How would you organize a programmer’s time?
1:04:30 What do you think developers are putting in at Google & Yahoo?
1:05:00 How do you know how productive a developer is?
1:06:15 What do you think of Google’s performance?
1:07:45 Do you think Apple’s approval process is sustainable?
1:08:15 Do you think Apple will have a groundbreaking product again?
1:10:00 You don’t think the Apple watch would be innovative?
1:11:00 Will we be talking about Facebook 10 years from now?
1:11:30 Do you get value from Facebook?
1:12:00 What do you think about Amazon?
1:22:00 Has Google started webclipping content?
1:26:45 Do you ever think about blocking Google?
1:27:30 What startup has been most intriguing to you this year?
1:28:30 What technology will have the biggest impact in the next 5 years?
1:30:00 You use Google Hangout for remote developers?
1:34:45 Thanks to our sponsors! Follow @spolsky & @trello.


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