E410: Mogl’s Jon Carder on ‘fighting hunger with hunger’ & Ask Jason



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Mogl’s concept is simple, even though it touches upon big consumer tech trends from mobile to gamification, loyalty to social entrepreneurship. Like Tom’s Shoes–which donates a pair of shoes for each pair sold– Mogl donates a meal for a meal. Users punch in their credit card info. When they pay with that card at Mogl member restaurant, an alert pops up their phone with 10% cash back. She can then decide to take the cash back or donate it to a local food bank. It costs just 20 cents to provide a meal to food banks, whose biggest problem is distribution. Founder and CEO Jon Carder also gets honest about his past stumbles as an entrepreneur, and how Google can better partner with companies that rely upon its tools – and sometimes get squashed. His prior company MojoPages.com saw a 30% drop in traffic when Panda was released.

Plus, on Ask Jason, how to get noticed as a remote developer and balancing home life with startup life.

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3:00 Jason: Do not be a rice picker. Be a samurai.
5:14 Jason: Jon Carder is here, the founder of Mogl. Tell me, what is Mogl?
6:09 Jason: It’s a 10% reward program. That’s a big number isn’t it?
6:25 Jason: Who are you competing with? Can you get top-tier restaurants to do this?
7:35 Jon: We have been able to get the higher end. It’s easy, runs in the background for restaurants.
8:00 Jason: These programs typically make you seem like a cheap bastard. A guy in Brooklyn taking someone out and you pull out a coupon?
8:45 Jon: It’s embarrassing. Mogl is completely discreet.
11:45 Wistia
16:16 You have this product. It’s doing great. You’ve raised over $13m?
??:?? Jason: So MojoPages was like Google Local.
19:10 Jon: When you rely on Google, it sucks. But they’re being nice now, so thank you Google.
21:19 Jason: This is a message to Matt Cutts. Be honest with your partners.
22:30 Jon: At Mojo Pages, Google Panda came out, and suddenly we lost 30% of our traffic.
24:00 Jason: Google is inviting regulation.
27:00 Mandrill.com is transactional email from the fine folks at Mailchimp. http://mandrill.com
33:15 Jason: If you just build a product to make money, it’s not that interesting anymore.
33:25 Jon: I sold a company and thought I was going to retire at 26 and surf and drink mai tais. But I couldn’t do it.
36:00 Jason: If I had a restaurant, I would want the customers that want to donate the meals.
37:34 Jon: Starting in February, restaurants will be able to pick the amount of cash back by time of day.
39:20 Jon: We call it ‘profits and purpose.’ We have found once we made the switch to fighting hunger with hunger, our employees are so fired up.

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