Keith Rabois on Miami vs. Bay Area, cognitive variety, America’s self-examination & more PLUS Keith’s Best Twitter Dunks | E1182



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Show notes:
1:07 Jason intros Keith & they discuss moving to Miami, building the startup culture, juxtaposition with San Francisco’s persistent lockdowns
7:06 Cognitive variety in Miami
10:45 DigitalOcean – Use App Platform for free and receive a $100 credit for any upgrade at
11:59 Custom risk profiles in Florida, A/B testing state-by-state
17:46 America’s self-examination due to Trump presidency, are vaccine cards ethical?
21:28 Vanta – Get $1000 off your SOC 2 at
23:02 Alternative COVID game plans, border-closing, challenge trials
32:57 Masterworks – Skip the 17,000 person waitlist at and use promo code twist
34:35 TikTok, ethics of dealing with China & Saudi Arabia monetary influence, heightened cooperation in DC
46:16 Rebuilding the GOP, incentive-based healthcare
54:48 Federal minimum wage, outcome-based policy creation
1:05:17 Real-estate migration patterns, remote work
1:13:10 New segment: Keith Dunks

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