Kevin Rose on his product philosophy, Reddit & Digg’s inverse journeys, Twitter’s recent innovations & more | E1185





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Show notes:
0:58 Jason intros Kevin Rose & they discuss Kevin leaving the Bay Area for Portland, his role at True Ventures & what he misses about being an entrepreneur
6:50 Kevin’s blind spots as an entrepreneur, insights on Mark Zuckerberg
9:51 Rippling – For an easier way to run your startup remotely visit
11:28 Building Zero Fasting, product philosophy
20:21 Maintaining humility in a random industry
22:37 Squarespace – Go to for a free trial, and use code TWIST for 10% off
24:08 Jason’s first experience seeing Digg & meeting Kevin, Mahalo’s product innovations, perils of being too early
30:02 Digg’s undoing, inverse journey with Reddit, trying to buy back Digg
37:44 Zendesk – 6 months free at
39:17 Twitter’s recent product innovations, True’s Peloton bet
50:17 Where Kevin gets his design inspiration, Japanese impact
57:22 Friendship with Tim Ferriss, alternative forms of therapy
1:10:49 Lessons & lifestyle improvements from the pandemic, NFTs & the future of sponsorship/ownership

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