E744: Initialized Capital Operating Partner & TechCrunch contributor Kim-Mai Cutler on affordable housing crisis in San Francisco Bay Area at intersection of race, class, & Silicon Valley




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Housing has become a hot button issue in the Bay Area, and in fact, the world, with homes being unaffordable and the ability to produce more housing being throttled by a number of interests. Housing in the Bay Area has become more expensive than anywhere else in the country, and the ability to rent an apartment has reached a level that has exceeded NYC. Our guest today, Kim-Mai Cutler, is a Bay Area native, Initialized Capital Operating Partner, TechCrunch contributor, and has become an authority on housing in the Bay Area. Join us as she explains the affordable housing crisis, the structural issue of power, the causes and consequences of transit fragmentation, gentrification and income inequality, and more.

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02:43: Jason introduces today’s guest, Kim-Mai Cutler

03:26: How did you become authority on housing in bay area

05:03: Activist groups

09:37: San Francisco Eastern Neighborhoods Plan

16:10: “All housing helps the situation” – is this true?

18:28: Bay Area transit system and why BART and MUNI are separate systems

28:56: Is it a race and class issue, or the ability to build?

39:30: Most contentious community board meeting attended

43:27: Chart that shows share of income spent on housing by again in CA

44:43: Chart that shows SF and SJ homes cost between 9-10x median incomes

53:18: Power fragmentation in the SF Bay Area is really a structural issue

58:47: Challenge of Prop 13

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