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Tablets are taking over the digital world and the LAUNCH ‘Pad Conference brought together the biggest players in the space. Take a look at some of the highlights from the conference, then check out the apps!

0:00-1:45 Welcome everyone to the LAUNCH ‘Pad Conference, where we’ll discuss all things tablet.
1:45-4:15 How many people are founders of their own company?
4:15-4:30 Please join me in welcoming GDGT co-founder Ryan Block.
4:30-6:30 Ryan: How many people here at developing iOS apps?
6:30-10:45 Discussing Apple’s humble roots in the portable devices space.
10:45-12:30 Apple has hit the mark of shipping 40 million iPads.
12:30-14:00 Why hasn’t anyone been able to touch the iPad in the last few years?
14:00-15:30 Jason asks: Are there any viable competitors on the horizon?
15:30-17:00 Jason asks: Do you think Apple will drop the price to compete with the Kindle Fire?
17:00-18:30 Jason asks: What are you hearing about the iPad 3? What will the impact of Siri be?
18:30-20:30 Question from the audience: When do you think we’ll be seeing larger screens with a higher resolution?
20:30-22:15 Jason asks: Do you think Amazon is losing money on the Kindle? And do you think Google will start doing subsidized hardware like Amazon is doing?
22:15-23:00 Do you think Siri is a threat to search?
23:00-28:00 Thank you to Scott Walker Corporate Law for sponsoring the show.
28:00-28:30 Welcome back. Did people enjoy getting to meet all of the speakers?
28:30-33:00 Danfung Dennis, CEO of Condition ONE, will be giving a presentation on how to get a meeting with Apple.
33:00-35:00 The idea is to create a very emotional experience, in which you move the device and a gyroscope syncs your movement with the app.
35:00-37:00 Danfung details how Condition ONE can embed their technology into existing apps.
37:00-38:00 Jason asks: What content partners are you working with on this?
38:00-39:00 Next is Mark Hall, CEO of Remixation, demoing the ShowYou app and talking about how better data equals a better tablet interface.
39:00-41:00 Mark demos the processing of signing up for and using the ShowYou app, which pulls in video feeds from all over the Web shared by your friends or people you follow to present a video search interface personal to the user.
41:00-42:45 Mark does a search for occupy and shows the matrix of videos he gets as a result.
42:45-43:30 For every one hour we put into the front end, we put two hours into the back end.
44:00-44:45 Next is Ryan Stoner, CEO of MoPix, giving a lesson on how to price apps to maximize sales amongst your core consumer base.
44:45-47:30 How many people consume films or videos on their iPad?
47:30-49:15 Ryan demos the interactive content available to viewers while they’re watching a film through MoPix.
49:15-49:45 Ryan’s advice: don’t price your app against the marketplace. Price it at what you think people will pay for it.
49:45-50:30 How does Apple feel about you doing an end-run around their video offerings?
50:30-55:00 Thank you to GoToMeeting for sponsoring the show. Everyone thank them @GoToMeeting on Twitter!
56:00-57:00 Next is Trey Ratcliff, creator of Stuck in Customs, on the importance of focusing on one platform.
57:00-59:30 Trey walks through the process of creating a new personality within the app.
59:30-1:02:30 Trey shows a sample trip, an adventure in France, that showcases photography with contextual and geographic information.
1:02:30-1:05:30 Question from Jason: How much does this app cost?
1:06:00-1:08:00 Question from the audience: Dan, have you done a control test of a standard news cast, a standard cast with music and then both using Condition ONE?
1:08:00-1:09:30 Question from the audience: Dan, do you feel like this audience involvement opens up new ideas for storytelling?
1:09:30-1:10:30 Jason asks: What is the hardware setup for making these videos?
1:10:30-1:12:15 Question from the audience: Joe and Ryan, how does the process work for building within the app?
1:12:15-1:14:00 Mark: One idea for monetization is sponsored grids or a service similar to promoted tweets.
1:14:00 Thanks for joining us everyone. See you next time!

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