E599: Building a marketplace & taking it to the streets: Marco Zappacosta of Thumbtack & Sonny Mayugba of Requested share super-growth tactics at LAUNCH Scale



about this episode

LAUNCH Scale 2015 featured 50+ speakers sharing their best growth strategies. And today’s episode features two of these amazing talks. First is Marco Zappacosta, Founder of the unicorn Thumbtack,  who talks about his epic success and explains how he built his billion-dollar marketplace. Next is Sonny Mayugba, Founder of Requested, who gave the highest-rated talk of the conference with his presentation on how to grow your startup using street teams.

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0:00 – 1:56 “Taking it to the streets!”

1:57 – 3:25 “We raised $125 million… at a $1.3 billion valuation.”

3:26 – 5:09 “Why is it so hard to hire a plumber?”

5:10 – 8:13 “Hiring a plumber is more like dating than it is like dining.”

8:14 – 9:20 “We’ve done that without a sales force… we’re bringing them what they want.”

11:08 – 13:24 “Building network independent value”

13:25 – 16:06 “Subscriptions had a flaw… we weren’t charging on the margin of value creation.”

16:07 – 18:10 “Customer’s laziness is like a gravity. It will flow to the easiest solution that solves their need.”

18:11 – 19:17 “What you have to do is offer them a solution that’s valuable enough and easy enough that they want it.”

19:18 – 22:03 “Liquidity is king… it has what you are looking for.”

22:04 – 25:56 “The goal is to be a true end-to-end solution that becomes the Amazon of local services.”

27:43 – 30:00 “We went from this little tiny rag in Northern California to global distribution.”

30:01 – 30:49 “We’re building this community, hand-to-hand, with people who love our product.”

30:50 – 32:10 “The internship needs to be 90 days long, 12 hours per week. Period.”

32:11 – 35:22 “Spinning wheels make people happy.”

35:23 – 36:33 “If you establish goals, it shapes the conversation.”

36:34 – 41:03 “We all need feedback. Feedback helps us iterate on the product.”

41:04 – 45:53 “Put in the effort to build the street team and nurture them.”

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