E754: Atipica Founder & CEO Laura Gomez combines artificial & human intelligence in recruiting to tackle SV’s talent & diversity crisis, helping businesses excel in the workforce of the future




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Laura Gomez’s passion for diversity in tech inspired her to start Atipica, as well as her involvement with several non-­profit organizations. Diversity is in our DNA, and Atipica’s mission is to work side-by-side with companies to help them unlock the world’s talent data and achieve their diversity and inclusion hiring goals. Jason and Laura explore the core issue with diversity in tech, being your “whole self,” ageism, and more. Plus, find out how someone like Jason should approach the difficult conversation of diversity and gender in a management role.

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01:55: Jason introduces Laura Gomez, CEO and founder of Atipica

02:17: Atipica is a diversity and talent solution that sits on top of applicant databases

03:00: Core issue with diversity in tech

05:53: How tech is different from finance/media/insurance businesses

07:44: Asian Americans are overrepresented but they also hit ceilings in leadership positions

09:20: Inclusion is a big problem

10:50: Ageism is prevalent

12:00: Being whole self and intersectionality

17:00: How diversity in tech is getting better

25:32: Atipica demo

32:10: Hiring based on achievement and how education affects that

43:00: Pipeline problem

47:38: How to approach discussion of diversity and gender in a management role

50:50: Do you think Silicon Valley is getting better?

01:04:45: Key takeaway

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