E458: LitMotors’ C-1: a new class of vehicle part car, motorcycle & spacecraft




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What happens when you build a vehicle that is part car, part motorcycle, and part spacecraft? You get convenience, safety, and 100% cool. Introducing the C-1, an electric two-wheeler that is all-weather, entirely enclosed, and totally untippable. This week Jason talks with Lit Motors Founder & CEO Daniel Kim about his incredible invention, what it’s like to create a new class of vehicle — and what he’s got waiting in the wings.

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  • Another excellent vid, I wonder if the gyros can store energy like flywheels? Thanks for keeping it interesting Jason and crew. Do I have that backwards?

  • I want to buy one so bad. i just can’t afford it. I wish they had some kind of financing available. They don’t i asked.

    The Spider is one with 3 wheels

  • Joseph Varano

    They might not have financing, but any bank will have a general auto loan.

  • It’s true, as a small startup we will not be able to offer financing for our initial production run. As Joseph mentioned above, you may be able to secure a general auto loan from your bank. And we do plan to offer financing at some point in the future, though we do not have a timeline for that.

    – Ryan James
    Lit Motors CMO

  • Thanks! Yes, the gyros are flywheels, and one of our patents covers using them as part of a KERS system to store recaptured braking energy kinetically.

    – Ryan James
    Lit Motors CMO

  • Very good I followed heavy high speed flywheel research, as a way of storing daytime solar energy, for a long time. Combining as gyro makes too much sense. I see it in a SyFy flick, Cop jumps off Lit Bike, bad guy tries to run and still standing Lit bike with “bad guy lock on” takes him down !

  • Todd

    Hey Jason, stop talking and let your guest speak!!!!!

  • Thomas

    Aerodynamics and motorcycles are a match made in heaven,long range,quite and comfortable,I’m amazed we only have one in production,the Peraves Monotracer designed by Arnold Wagner.beautiful,but expensive.My dream before Lit Motors came along,was that Peraves would build a smaller ,more affordable Monotracer,using a small 250-800 cc engine,but it never happened.

  • Thomas

    Was there ever any discussion about using the gyros in a limited role,I thought,gee,you get the best of both worlds.Motorcycle’s perform just fine on they’re own,why not just use the gyros for standing and incase of a side impact[to keep it upright].Under normal cruise conditions the gyro’s would be at a idle speed,allowing a more quite cabin,more reliability for the gyro’s.Braking and high speed torque motors would bring them up to speed when needed.The outriggers could be very useful too, as a fail safe device for the gyros and,servicing the bike,you can push the vehicle around or drive it,incase it does fall over,they can be used to right it and last.but not forgotten,keeping it from falling over[streamlined,single track vehicles love to fall over in the wind]Just ask Craig Vetter

  • The gyros accomplish much more than simple balancing; not only are they the biggest safety feature of the vehicle, keeping it upright in collisions, but they also enable steer-by-wire. That feature is necessary for the car-like interface of the vehicle. Given those uses, the gyros will spin within a usable range of torque whenever the vehicle is turned on.


  • i do that sometimes… i’ve gotten better at it.

  • thanks for the feedback

  • Its kewel. Watching the Chamath episode now. Im gonna steal his “incubators are false signaling” comment for our batorrater.co project. @kaffegeek. Virtual hi 5 !