E734: Live Crowdfunding Startup Showcase: product pitches & investor inquiries w/Swiftmile, Lendsnap, Kylie.ai, LEAF, NowRX & Laugh.ly – presented by SeedInvest & LAUNCH



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This year’s LAUNCH Festival kicked off with a unique twist. Live equity crowdfunding was offered for a handful of companies that were simultaneously listed on the SeedInvest platform, which connects venture capital, angel investors and accredited investors. The LAUNCH Festival 2017 was the first time that startups ever raised capital live from accredited & non-accredited investors at an event. These companies each delivered a 3 minute explanatory pitch to a host of judges. Today, Jason and Clipisode CEO Brian Alvey share 6 companies that pitched at this year’s Festival. The first company is Swiftmile, a solar-powered electric bike sharing system for corporate commuters. Next is Lendsnap, which powers mortgage lending with unparalleled financial data access for lenders and their borrowers. Then Kylie.ai pitches autonomous A.I. that clones personalities to automate communication. Next is LEAF, which is smartphone “plug and plant” app to help you grow marijuana (and more). Then NowRX pitches their mobile app that offers same day free delivery for prescriptions. The final company is Laugh.ly, which is a streaming radio app dedicated to comedy.

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00:49: Jason explains equity crowdfunding

5:10: LAUNCH Festival chose to partner with SeedInvest

7:23: Swiftmile pitch

13:18: How Swiftmile solves the problem of keeping bikes everywhere

19:27: Lendsnap pitch

22:40: One of the things you will learn as an angel investor is the importance of asking concise questions

32:32: Kylie.ai pitch

37:21: Brian’s feedback on Kylie.ai

44:10: LEAF pitch

47:43: Brian explains how he assesses a new industry like cannabis

52:55: NowRX pitch

56:24: Brian likes how NowRX highlighted competitors and previous failures

01:03:55: Laugh.ly pitch

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