E719: Pear.vc Managing Partner Mar Hershenson on Clinching the Series A: Creating & executing your Ops plan, success metrics, critical data, investor engagement, effective leadership, & navigating fundraising & future markets



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This week’s LAUNCH Incubator features Pear.vc Managing Partner Mar Hershenson as she gives an instructive talk about turning seed companies into series A companies. There is a lot of confusion among seed founders as to the right approach. Depending on what vertical you’re in, whether it’s e-commerce, consumer, SaaS, or marketplace, there is different knowledge that people have as to what you need to hit to be a series A company. She explains the importance of planning, executing and iterating an Ops plan, which metrics are predictors of success, and why it’s effective to communicate with data. Mar wraps up her talk by answering questions from the class about lessons learned from mistakes she has made as an angel investor, social distribution, and women in entrepreneurship.

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01:27: 3 reasons why raising an A round is harder than a seed round

04:48: Figure out where you are going

7:00: SaaS MRR-Valuation

7:30: Growth is not important

8:00: VCs question future success

14:00: Cohort analysis – retention

14:48: Another metric that is incredible predictor of success is your superactive users

16:00: Good metrics are not enough

19:15: Plan, execute and iterate

19:48: Make an ops plan

21:46: Advice: display dashboards to team

22:39: Keep iterating

27:12: Q&A – what are biggest mistakes people make going into Series A process?

32:43: Is it disconcerting that there are so many co’s being started today, or enthusiastic that so many ppl are trying?

45:50: Social distribution

50:06: Do you think female founders have any challenges and/or differnt issues when it comes to fundraising?

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