Marketing SEO & Conversion Funnels | Scaling Your Startup S2 E6: Gravitr’s Doriane Mouret & Outlaw’s Danielle Vincent | E1218



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Show notes:
00:00 Start
00:57 Intro
03:28 Gravitr’s Doriane Mouret on Conversion Funnels
08:20 How conversion rate varies by industry
9:07 OurCrowd – Get in early at
10:37 Misconceptions about conversion
19:35 Visualizing the impact of other marketing activities on conversion funnels
23:47 Netsuite – Get a free product tour
25:17 How to assess your current conversion funnel & improve it to meet your goals
28:55 Budgeting & getting the right team to execute
33:45 Outlaw’s Danielle Vincent on Improving SEO
37:17 SVB – Learn more at
38:25 How search engines work (Google), optimizing keywords & page structure
41:20 Making the most of your company blog
44:39 Building backlinks across the web
47:21 Q&A Do you need to have a dedicated SEO person?
50:58 What should the cadence be for content marketing?
53:38 Is there too much content? Can you repost content in multiple places?
55:39 Does quality matter? How do you know if the content is low quality?
57:08 Do the platforms matter? TikTok vs. Instagram vs. LinkedIn

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