E361: Matt Mullenweg Founder of Automattic Part 1



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What’s it like to run your startup for 10 years? Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg and Jason sat down during the D11 conference to talk about how social changed blogging, Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr, the WordPress business model and more.

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3:00:00 Today’s episode is supported by New Relic!
6:00:00 How did you get started with WordPress?
7:00:00 What percentage of websites are running on WordPress?
7:30:00 Why do you think WordPress is the dominant site?
8:45:00 How do you make money?
10:00:00 Have you focused on revenue?
11:15:00 Did Tumblr get more users?
12:00:00 Should everyone have a blog or reblog content?
13:45:00 Did social take the momentum of blogging?
15:00:00 Do you think Facebook will be around in 10-20 years?
16:15:00 Why do you think you excelled past MovableType?
18:00:00 What is GPL?
19:00:00 What’s an example of how GPL protects a user?
21:00:00 So it’s a completely different system than the App store?
21:30:00 Why do you take a different stance than Steve Jobs on controlling it?
23:45:00 Would it be easier to control spam if it was a closed system?
24:50:00 Thanks to ShareFile for supporting our show today!
26:30:00 What did you think when Tumblr sold for $1B+?
28:15:00 Do you think Yahoo is going to mess with the new asset?
28:30:00 Why do you think Yahoo bought Tumblr?
29:45:00 Do you think it was for native advertising?
31:45:00 How did you convince your board to not persue advertising?
33:00:00 How do you manage innovation when you have such large maintenance?
33:15:00 Is a total rewrite total death?
35:00:00 Where will you be in 5-10 years?
35:30:00 What was your biggest mistake?
36:45:00 What do you think Ev Williams is doing with Medium?
39:15:00 What do you think of Huffington Post?
44:15:00 What does “responsive” & “fluid” design mean?
46:30:00 What is the conflict with GPL?
48:00:00 What are some big lessons you’ve learned along the way?
51:30:00 How do you deal with hate speech?
52:45:00 Do you allow porn on WordPress.com?
55:45:00 Why did everyone use Technorati?
56:30:00 Is Twitter or Facebook more important?
57:45:00 Is RSS dead?
59:15:00 What is a good reason for Twitter controlling more?
1:00:30 What do you think of Dave Winer’s legacy?


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