Meet Your Co-Founder

How can any of us forget Gary Vaynerchuk, (TWiST 24) and the “Get Off The Bitch Train” comment, this moment made an impression on JT Keller, the caller that night.  He decided he would do just that and get started with his startup.  However, like many he has a great idea but faces one big problem he is not a developer.  Through StartupRecap he was able to make contact with the community and has found a developer for his startup (a branding platform).

This problem got him thinking “I found it extremely interesting and pertinent that Joe Essenfeld of Localbacon, (a TechCrunch50 finalist) found his co-founder via TWiST.  I thought to myself, “If only there were a job board specifically made for startup founders that leveraged the TWiST and Jason Nation community.” – thus the genesis of the TWiST Startup Effect.”

The TWiST Startup Effect’s mission is to unite founders and co-founders in addition to very early stage team members (roughly your first 3 employees).  Although the site’s primary focus is on technology and web-based startups, I encourage founders from other industries to utilize the site as well.  The TWiST Startup Effect is meant to be simple yet effective.

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