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Americans no longer crack open the town paper at night in bed–they fire up their iPads and open the Flipboard app. CEO and co-founder Mike McCue talked to Jason in NYC about the rapidly changing content landscape and what it’s like for an entrepreneur to finally hit on the right idea at the right time.

1:00-1:15 Welcome everyone, we’re here with Mike McCue of Flipboard.
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5:30-6:15 Welcome to the program, Mike. Founding isn’t a solo sport, is it?
6:15-7:30 How do you describe Flipboard?
7:30-8:15 When you say curated, exactly what do you mean?
8:15-9:00 So you’re not following a writer for their stories, you’re following them for the stories they’re interested in?
9:00-9:45 In some cases, you do that curation for me?
9:45-10:15 How does this change consumer behavior? How many people have downloaded the app?
10:15-11:15 What’s the average engagement and how do you measure it?
11:15-12:45 In this case, who loses? Whose content isn’t being consumed in the time that people are consuming yours?
12:45-14:45 When did you start your first company?
14:45-15:30 So you met Mark Andreessen, he liked your software and then what happened?
15:30-16:30 What was VRML?
16:30-18:15 What’s the lesson of it and why did it fail so brutally?
18:15-19:00 It seems like infographics have largely been forgotten, so is it great vindication for you to have made a product with massive consumer adoption?
19:00-21:00 What did you to in the time in between?
21:00-22:15 Did you know when you were doing VRML and the voice software that you were too far ahead?
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27:15-28:45 Going back to Flipboard, tell us about your investors.
28:45-29:15 What’s your advice to entrepreneurs when choosing VCs to work with?
29:15-30:30 What makes a good board member?
30:30-31:00 How will Flipboard make money?
31:00-34:00 How are we doing so far? Is it a good interview?
34:00-35:15 Why did the banner take hold? Didn’t we all know it sucked from the beginning?
35:15-36:00 Do you think the new ads that are on the Wall Street Journal, for example, are effective?
36:00-38:30 Did you have any push back from publishers? What’s your philosophy on leveraging other people’s content?
38:30-39:30 If you were selling ads to Samsung for their new TVs, would you split the revenue with the publisher?
39:30-40:30 I would highly recommend that everyone buy an iPad and download Flipboard first thing.
40:30-42:30 How do you explain your success at the age of 43?
42:30-42:45 Perseverence personified, Mike McCue of Flipboard, thanks so much.


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