News! China bans crypto transactions (again), Zillow & iBuyers impacting Real Estate + Ask Jason | E1290



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00:00 Rapid Fire News
00:59 News: CCP publishes new notice to crackdown on virtual currency hype
08:28 Masterworks – Skip the waitlist at to invest in art using promo code TWIST at
09:59 News: China bans crypto (again)
17:17 News – TikToker real estate iBuyer commentary/conspiracy
23:15 Ladder – See if you are approved for life insurance at
24:24 Breaking down the hypothetical situation
31:42 Ask Jason – What are your thoughts on Netflix potentially getting into gaming?
31:42 Embroker – Get an extra 10% insurance for your business at
34:16 Ask Jason – Why did Coinbase fold to the SEC?
38:09 Ask Jason – What is your morning routine?
40:14 Ask Jason – What is the right stage to Angel invest?
46:07 Producer Nick asks Jason about his new book


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