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On This Week in Startups, panelists James Altucher and David Carter joined our news reader Lon Harris on the News Roundtable to discuss what went down at the D10 conference, what’s going on in a post-Facebook IPO market and what to make of the Kleiner Perkins harassment scandal.

1:00 Welcome everyone, I’m here today on the News Panel with David Carter of Amplify LA, the writer and investor James Altucher and Lon Harris of Ranker reading the news.
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5:00 Let’s start with Facebook news and the post IPO kerfuffle. What’s the big-picture impact of this on tech IPOs?
8:45 James: Facebook is rolling out new tools for advertisers daily, which will result in more revenue generation.
9:45 David: As usual, the retail investor is getting screwed. The flow of information out of Wall Street is ridiculous.
14:00 Jason: Number one, Facebook is a great company. Getting a billion users is an extraordinary accomplishment, but they’ve greatly under-monetized.
16:30 What about the macro issue, James?
18:00 David, what impact does this have on startups and incubators like yours?
20:30 What happens to startups in the face of a catastrophic event and angel investors go away?
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25:30 Recapping the D10 Conference, including Tim Cook’s interview and Mark Meeker’s presentation. How did Tim come across?
30:30 James: He (Cook) reiterated that the PC and the tablet are different platforms.
37:15 James: The stock market considers Apple a non-growth company. But Apple stock has been opened up to tens of millions of new investors, which could spur growth when the market bounces back.
40:30 Sharing highlights of Mary Meeker’s D10 presentation.
41:45 What was the single most significant statistic from her presentation, James?
46:15 The Kleiner Perkins Caufield Barnes scandal: partner alleges sexual harassment and gender discrimination.
51:00 Jason reveals what the buzz about this story was at the D10 conference.
55:30 James, what’s your take on this? What lessons are there to be learned here?
1:00:00 The politics and implications of workplace romance–don’t do it!
1:04:30 SpaceX’s Dragon capsule returned to Earth this week, successfully completing its mission. Founder Elon Musk has said his goal is to get humans to Mars and create a “multi-planetary existence.” How much bigger is the space vertical going to get?
1:11:30 James: It’s so interesting that Elon Musk was next to broke and is now a billionaire. He’s willing to go straight to the edge and you have to respect that.
1:19:30 Thank you to James and David for joining us today. You can read James’ writings at jamesaltucher.com and see what Amplify LA is up to at amplify.la. Lon, hope everything is going well at Ranker. And thank you to MailChimp and Sourcebits for their support!
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