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Today, on This Week in Startups, Liz Gannes of AllThingsD and Bill Nguyen of Color joined the panel to discuss Paul Graham’s warning to startups, LinkedIn’s password leak, gender inequality in the Valley–and participate in a live demo of Sean Parker’s Airtime!

1:00 Welcome everyone to the TWiST News Panel.
1:30 With us today are Bill Nguyen of Color and Liz Gannes of AllThingsD.
2:30 Huge thanks to MailChimp for their continued support! Everyone thank @MailChimp!
4:30 Paul Graham sent a message to startups this week, advising them to lower their funding expectations.
6:45 Liz, is Paul correct, is nuclear winter coming for startups?
11:45 Bill explains the Color mission.
13:00 How have market caps impacted your business, Bill?
14:45 Liz, what’s a journalist’s perception of Color?
16:15 Seans Parker and Fanning launched Airtime this week, a social discovery video chat platform.
19:00 Jason does a live Airtime demo.
23:00 Bill attempts to defend Airtime.
25:30 Tyler: Well, one problem it solves is loneliness.
26:45 Liz shares her experience of the failed Airtime launch.
30:30 Thank you to GoToMeeting for sponsoring TWiST! Everyone try GoToMeeting and use the promo code “START.”
32:30 LinkedIn confirmed this week that they suffered a security breach and passwords were compromised.
35:30 Jason asks Bill if he paid Lindsey Lohan to crash on the PCH while using Color.
37:30 Ellen Pao broke her silence this week when she posted on Quora that she is still with KPCB and has no plans to quit. Is it surprising that her first official public statement was made in this manner?
42:15 Bill, what’s your take on all this? Any merit to the allegations?
44:15 Liz, is the Valley sexist or not?
46:30 Liz talks about Hacker School, a new program in New York.
47:30 Someone recently asked Jason, how do educated and successful people allow themselves to be harassed?
51:30 Bill explains what he did when he’s faced this issue of discrimination in the past.
55:30 Facebook launched their new app center today and a preview of it leaked before the launch. Liz, will this be confusing for consumers?
1:01:00 Thanks to Liz and Bill for joining us today. Everyone follow Liz and Bill on Twitter and be sure to read allthingsd.com.

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