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Today on This Week in Startups, panelists Peter Rojas of GDGT and Sean Percival of Wittlebee joined the show to discuss the iPhone 5 announcement, Mark Zuckerberg’s first post-IPO interview and Amazon’s newest game play.

*Disclaimer: TWiST sincerely apologizes for the audio issues in this episode. We regret the error and hope you will still be able to enjoy the program.

1:00 Welcome everyone, today we have a TWiST News Panel with Peter Rojas and Sean Percival.
2:00 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the show! Everyone check out the newest version of their Nightstand app!
4:30 Peter, how are you doing?
5:45 Sean, how’s Wittlebee doing? I hear you’re crushing it.
6:45 First story: Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 this week. Any insights, Peter?
7:30 Peter: I’m surprised at how leaky Apple has been before this release.
11:00 Does this phone feel very different from the 4S?
13:00 Sean: It’s not a giant leap, but they’re still doubling the processing power every 2 weeks.
16:00 I’ve had experiences at home where the LTE kicked in without me realizing it.
16:45 Will people attribute LTE speed to the device itself?
18:45 Is the iPod touch the iPhone for some kids?
20:00 What do you this of this FreedomPop sleeve?
21:30 Would you rather have London playing with an iPod touch or an iPad?
24:00 Thank you to our fantastic sponsor and partner for CloudSigma! Everyone thank them @CloudSigma!
26:00 Next story: Apple also unveiled a new version of iTunes this week with a simplified user interface and iCloud integration.
29:30 Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt on Tuesday, his first public interview since the IPO. What were the biggest surprises in what he said?
33:30 Zuck mentioning the search issue felt like a slip-up to me. Peter, do you even use Facebook?
36:30 Kirin: When did you notice that there were more ads on your Google search results page?
39:15 Kirin: What if Zuck was booted from Facebook and had a Jobs-like return when he was older?
39:45 Amazon will begin allowing developers to sell real-world, physical good through in-app purchases. Who are they challenging with this move?
42:00 Sean explains an experiment that he conducted at Wittlebee.
44:00 The Nintendo Wii U is going to be released this November in the US for a base price of $299.99. Can Nintendo regain market share?
46:30 What would the successor be, another XBox?
48:15 When’s the last time anyone bought a DVD?
49:45 Peter, what do your kids use to watch video?
51:45 Peter, what gadgets are on your radar right now?
52:45 Did you hear about the Audible announcement? You’re going to be able to sync Audible purchases with your existing e-reader library.
54:00 Let’s talk about the GoDaddy outage situation.
56:45 Next story: the “six strikes” rule internet warning system is expected to launch in the US by the end of the year.
57:15 Who enforces this, ISPs?
1:00:00 Sean: Do ISPs have the sophistication to be able to accurately monitor this?
1:02:00 Kirin: How do you change user behavior?
1:05:30 Last story: Zendesk has raised a $60M series D round and says that an IPO will be happening in the future.
1:08:30 Kirin: What do you think the chances are of this going public soon?
1:09:45 Do you use Yammer at Wittlebee, Sean?
1:10:00 One last story: Twitter has been ordered to hand over deleted tweets to a judge in a case involving OWS. Did they do the right thing?
1:13:15 OWS protestors are just kids who want to hang out and smoke pot.
1:18:30 When does ‘deleted’ really mean ‘deleted’?
1:21:15 I think the GoogleX strategy should be more open.
1:22:45 Thank you to Peter and Sean. And to Kirin for reading the news.
1:23:30 Thank you to Sourcebits and CloudSigma. Everyone thank them on Twitter! We’ll see you next time.

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