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On the TWiST News Panel, Adeo Ressi, Ryan Block and Erik Lanigan joined Jason to unpack the topics of Twitter censorship, Google’s new search and the disastrous state of the DVD and streaming industry.

0:00-2:30 Welcome everyone, I’m here today with Adeo Ressi, Ryan Block and Erik Lanigan for a News Roundtable Panel.
2:30-3:30 How many years ago did you start the Founder Institute, Adeo?
3:30-4:45 Ryan, how is GDGT going?
4:45-5:15 Welcome back, Erik Lanigan.
5:15-7:45 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the show! Everyone tweet your thanks to them @mailchimp!
7:45-8:45 Let’s start with some Netflix news. Reid Hastings says they’re doing well after the Quixster fiasco, but that they’re not focusing on physical DVDs as much as streaming.
8:45-9:45 Who has watched a Netflix streaming movie in the last 60 days?
9:45-11:30 If Netflix had a base price for the basic titles and you could pay more for the first-run titles, would you?
11:30-13:15 Erik: Is Amazon streaming going to be a credible threat to Netflix?
13:15-15:45 Do you think Amazon will be able to make better products than the Kindle Fire or–since they sell is for virtually no profit–does it matter?
15:45-19:30 Jason: Amazon needs to go all-in and double the number of titles.
19:30-22:00 Next story: Boxee just announced a hardware ad-on that allows you to watch live TV. Is this worth the price? How many people use this?
22:00-26:00 Adeo: Do you think Boxee functions will be merged into a TV set?
26:00-28:45 In Silicon Valley, do a lot of people not use cable and just download what they want from bittorrent?
28:45-32:00 If someone bought the BluRay of a DVD and they downloaded the bittorent, is that ok morally?
32:00-35:00 Thank you to Sourcebits for sponsoring the show. Remember to head to sourcebits.com to check out their amazing mobile apps.
35:00-36:15 Jason: Everyone wants the same thing: a jukebox in the sky that allows you to get and pay for whatever you want.
36:15-42:00 Ryan: What would you pay for a service that gave you every movie ever created?
42:00-44:30 Twitter says they now have the ability to censor tweets, but indicated that they won’t do it unless they absolutely have to. People are upset but is there any reason to be?
44:30-47:45 Adeo: This is faux censorship and I bet Twitter will barely have to do it.
47:45-49:30 Isn’t taking away people’s access to a free press easier than taking away their internet access?
49:30-53:15 Who here hates Google’s personalized search? (Ryan wants to see Google Classic.)
53:15-55:00 Is Google just trying to make people’s time on their site longer by integrating everything?
55:00-57:00 Has Google jumped the shark?
57:00-59:00 Adeo: Google Docs is a great product with a crappy UI and crappy integration.
59:00-1:02:15 Erik: What about Google not including Twitter and Facebook results in search?
1:02:15-1:07:00 Adeo: If you go to a site and it was thousands of Facebook and Twitter likes, it still probably has only a few Google+ mentions.
1:07:00-1:09:00 Michele Obama had Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger in her box at the State of the Union to bring light to the issue of allowing work visas to high-performing people and entrepreneurs.
1:09:00-1:10:00 Obama needs to get crowdfunding done, it’s year four of his presidency!
1:10:00-1:13:30 The FBI is looking for a development team to map Facebook and Twitter data. Is this “new” memo just a red herring?
1:13:30-1:18:00 Adeo: I know for a fact that good companies, like Evernote, are serious about keeping things private.
1:18:00-1:18:15 Erik, thank you so much for joining us again today to read the news. Thank you to MailChimp and Sourcebits for your amazing support.
1:18:15-1:20:00 To all inspiring entrepreneurs, go to Fi.co and learn about the Founder Institute.
1:20:00-1:22:00 Ryan, you’re doing a killer job over at gdgt.com. I wish you continued success.
1:22:00-1:25:30 Huge thanks for CNET and CBS Interactive. Special thanks to Stephen Beacham. Thanks for watching everyone, we’ll see you next time.

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