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IPO insanity, spyware on smartphones, the Path that no one wanted to take–the analysis was far and wide this week on the TWiST News Roundtable Panel! William Quigley, VC with Clearstone Ventures, and Jon Ferrara, the founder of Nimble, joined us to offer their expert opinions on the world of tech.

0:00-2:30 Welcome to the TWIST News Roundtable with the VC William Quigley and Nimble founder Jon Ferrara.
2:30-3:45 William, how long have you been a VC?
3:45-5:45 Jon Ferrara, we had you on the program just a short time ago, how have you been?
5:45-8:30 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the program. Everyone thank @MailChimp on Twitter!
8:30-10:45 First story: Marc Andreessen is said to be mulling a leadership role at Yahoo. Is he the man for this job and could he reinvigorate the company?
10:45-13:15 William, what do you think of this move by Marc?
13:15-15:30 Is it possible that Yahoo could become a viable video competitor to YouTube?
15:30-17:00 William: Why is Andreessen involved with HP right now?
17:00-18:45 Insight from Tyler: Isn’t the best that could happen to Yahoo is that they make better candlesticks?
18:45-20:00 Jon: Everyone thought IBM was old school and they entirely reinvented themselves.
20:00-22:15 Next story: Groupon’s stock took a fall this week, so is this the beginning of a steep and steady decline?
22:15-24:30 William: Part of Groupon’s on-boarding is that you have to work in the call center.
24:30-26:00 William: In the next ten years will people get tired of the coupon? That’s what they’ll have to answer to be successful.
26:00-26:30 Jason: I think the Groupon discount is too steep. They should do a better split for the vendors.
26:30-30:30 Thank you to SurveyMonkey for sponsoring the show. Everyone thank @SurveyMonkey on Twitter!
30:30-35:30 Next story: Path, the mobile, photo-sharing platform, launched their version 2.0 this week. Do you think there’s room in people’s lives for another social network? How does this stack up against Google+?
35:30-36:45 William: If Facebook’s valued at $100B, they should grab the team at Path.
36:45-38:00 How many people said Path is garbage and now they can’t get enough of it?
38:00-41:00 Jason: I feel like Facebook is a meat grinder and Path is personal. Facebook is going down.
41:00-44:15 Jason: Zuckerberg’s thoughts on privacy are either totally juvenile or very evil.
44:15-47:30 Potentially an insight from Tyler: It’s like a sushi fart.
47:30-50:00 Facebook is planning a massive IPO for spring 2012, with a valuation of $100B. Where will that money come from? Are there enough investors?
50:00-53:00 If you’re Zuckerberg and there’s that much demand, do you think he’ll say, hey, I’ll take $20B in cash?
53:00-55:30 Next story: Google is rumored to be launching an Amazon Prime competitor with retailers like Macy’s, the Gap and Office Max, going live sometime next year. Will this succeed?
55:30-56:00 How’s Google Knol doing?
56:00-1:00:00 William: Every company at a point in time will try to climb a new mountain, but most of the time you shouldn’t.
1:00:00-1:02:15 William: I’m beginning to feel like my Blackberry makes me some old school status symbol.
1:02:15-1:03:30 Jon: There’s two things you need for a successful web company: operations and a delightful user experience.
1:03:30-1:04:45 Carrier IQ, an online metrics company, has been accused of installing spyware with its smartphone software.
1:04:45-1:06:15 Jason delivers a message to Anonymous: I give you permission to release the Kracken and destroy these people.
1:06:15-1:09:30 Where is our government on this?
1:09:30-1:11:30 Tyler: What if you knew this would stop an attack on America? Answer: Jason: I don’t care, I want them to stop slamming my nuts.
1:11:30-1:13:15 Wikileaks has discovered that western companies were helping dictatorships in the middle east spy on their own people.
1:13:15-1:15:30 Why are we sending our troops to fight for our freedom when we’re helping the dictators we’re fighting against?
1:15:30-1:17:30 Is it worth selling your soul, CEOs, to make another 1 or 2 percent?
1:17:30-1:19:30 Why can’t Siri help you find an abortion clinic? Is this an intentional oversight or a glitch?
1:19:30-1:20:00 Thank you to MailChimp and SurveyMonkey. And thank you to William and Jon for joining us today. We’ll see you next time.

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