News! Peter Thiel’s $5B Roth IRA, Black creators strike on TikTok, BuzzFeed SPAC, Microsoft goes anti-Apple PLUS Ask Jason | E1237





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Show Notes:

0:00 Start
1:27 Peter Thiel’s multi-billion dollar Roth IRA
11:57 Indochino – Get $50 off using code TWIST at
13:32 Black creators strike on TikTok
22:44 SnackMagic – Get 10% off at
24:15 BuzzFeed going public via SPAC
29:55 Calm for business – Get one month free at
31:28 Microsoft cuts app store take rate to 0%, positions themselves as the “anit-Apple”
41:59 Ask Jason: Should a startup pitch a VC who has invested in a similar company?
44:29 Ask Jason: What kinds of products/businesses get your “unicorn spidey senses” tingling?

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