E755: News Roundtable! Ari Levy (CNBC) & Dave Mathews (NewAer): Trump’s disbanded panels, Cloudflare & other co’s boot white supremacists, Amazon reigns (still), rough summer for IPOs, Uber settles with FTC, Bitcoin predictions




about this episode

News Roundtable! Ari Levy (CNBC) & Dave Mathews (NewAer) are in the studio to talk with Jason about the latest tech news. On tap: the CEO rebellion against Trump’s advisory councils, Cloudflare and the regulation of content on the internet, Amazon and its third-party sellers, Snap and Blue Apron IPO’s, Uber’s deal with the FCC, and the latest in Bitcoin.

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05:12: Trump’s tech panel

11:08: Cloudflare

31:37: Amazon taking over world

42:36: IPO

51:46: Uber’s deal with the FCC

01:17:58: Bitcoin predictions

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