E566: News Roundtable! Twitter turbulence, Facebook-YouTube video wars, prez hopefuls courting/alienating Silicon Valley, cyberattacks, supercomputers




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News Roundtable! Today joining Jason is Ben Parr (investor @dominatefund, author @captivology, ex- @mashable @cnet) and Declan McCullagh (founder, recent.io, ex- @CBS, @CNET, @Wired, @Time). Twitter lows and highs. Troubled stocks and a leadership vacuum … but its latest feature is a shot across the bow for all news apps. State/future of media, Hank Green vs. Facebook video vs. YouTube, dish on current crop of prez hopefuls courting and alienating SV, Jason tweeting Jeb Bush, hacking and protesting in China, smart gun tech, cyberattacks, U.S. gov’t building supercomputers, Jason’s intentions to run for president and write a book — and more!

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  • Paul Towers

    Great round table. Would be good to get Declan back on to just speak about Recent.io and his thoughts on news/local news in general. I’m also intrigued by what is happening at Twitter, it just seems like they can’t catch a break at the moment and I think the next 6 months will be extremely telling for the co. They have clearly capped out their user growth within the “early adopter” market, but I just can’t see how they are going to start appealing to a wider audience. Perhaps news is the answer but its a bit of an uphill battle to convince those who tried the service once and didn’t like it to come back. I don’t think its quite “MySpace” desperation levels, but history has shown how easy it is for people to move to an alternative solution that is better or perceived as better.

  • I think you guys forgot about the Swiftboating https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swift_Vets_and_POWs_for_Truth
    which the GOP had no problem . It helped GWBush.