E608: News Roundtable: Best of 2015! The spectacular (and sometimes dangerous) year in drones, space, self-driving cars, Twitter, Elon, Amazon, IPOs, Theranos, & investigative journalism



about this episode

It’s the News Roundtable: Best of 2015! Jason recaps the biggest stories of the year with Ari Levy, Senior Tech Reporter at CNBC, and Dave Mathews, inventor and founder of Newaer. The trio reviews 2015 and predicts 2016 across many areas, such as drone technology, self-driving cars, how Jack will run Twitter, the hottest space race (between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos?), why Elon is Entrepreneur of the Year (maybe Decade), and Amazon’s dominance in an increasing number of markets. Also in the mix is a Quirky post-mortem, speculation on low IPOs, a message from Jason directly to Theranos employees and what this story represents about journalism, a sushi bet on when 100 driverless commercial vehicles will operate within a city’s limits — and much more.

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Time Stamps

8:29-10:07: Ari, Dave, and Jason discuss Jack Dorsey’s bizarre beard reactions.

12:31-14:38: Where will Twitter be in a year? Jason, Dave, and Ari make predictions.

24:40-27:55: The FAA now expects consumers to register their drones. Should they be regulated, and how much?

28:15-29:16: Jason proposes the idea of drone insurance.

33:38-36:39: Was Elon Musk the entrepreneur of the year? Ari and Jason think so.

37:07-40:19: Dave marvels at Elon Musk’s comeback.

40:20-42:22: Jason asks his guests why Jeff Bezos is trolling Elon Musk.

45:37-47:00: Dave and Jason think Amazon has turned commerce into a game. Here’s the one Jason is currently playing.

47:20-51:10: Ari discusses what the Netflix explosion means for cable networks.

53:58-56:30: Dave laments the demise of Quirky.

1:00:36-1:02:28: Dave explains why Quirky ended, as Jason theorizes what the company could’ve done to save itself.

1:05:25-1:07:00: Ari explains why self-driving cars are worth the risk.

1:07:02-1:10:34: Dave, Ari, and Jason place sushi bets on when we’ll have 100 concurrent commercial self-driving cars on the road.

1:10:37-1:14:24: Jason and Ari discuss the shaky state of IPOs.

1:15:03-1:18:59: Dave and Jason dig into the Theranos scandal.

1:19:42-1:21:35: Jason predicts the future of Theranos.

1:21:57-1:24:18: Jason asks Ari about the state of tech journalism.

1:24:20-1:27:10: Jason shares Jean-Louis Gassée’s troubling test of Theranos, and makes a plea.

1:33:38-1:36:33: Dave, Ari, and Jason make their picks for the biggest story of 2016.

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